Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Need for re-thinking over quota for job

The practice of reservation policy in government jobs started in our country just after we got independence and Constitution was adopted. The main purpose of introducing reservations in government jobs and other benefits was to bring the weaker section of society at par with the economically and educationally able sections.
The agitators are demanding inclusion of Jats in the list of Other Backward Classes (OBC) to enable them avail the benefit of quota in government jobs.
But the reservation policy was deliberately put for use to serve political purpose to build vote bank. And later on the policy of reservation turned completely into vote bank politics. The politicians drew the line of demarcation in society for reservation on the basis of caste and not on needs. So, in the age of openness in every field and during which the nation has achieved tremendpous success in over 60 years, it would be better to abolish all sorts of reservation other than on the basis of economy and necessity.
The agitation launched in the name of community for reservation in government jobs these-days by Jat in Haryana has destroyed crores of rupees of rail property and caused enormous harship to rail passengers.It is also true that in every agitation for reservation in every part of the country, there is politics.
All political parties except the Left uses the issue of reservation as vote bank politics. In the ongoing Jat agitation, the two Congress-ruled states Rajastan and Haryana are primarily involved. That is why Congress-headed Centre too weighs loss and profit in terms of vote bank politics before deciding how to deal with it. In between the politicians and agitationists, rail passengers and other citizens bear the brunt most.
So, now enough is enough. The policy of reservation on the basis of caste, creed and community must be abolished and it should be only given to those who are economically and educationally backward.
The Jat agitation for reservation of Government has been going on for 8 days and no trains are going towards north India through normal routes because of them. Protesters squatted on rail tracks disrupting movement of trains in various parts of North India due to the agitation by Jats for quota in central government jobs.
Unless and untill, caste and community tag is separated and only the tage of necessity is added to the policy of resrvation, there is no end to this type of disturbances at frequent intervals, resulting in the loss of crores of government property and enormous inconveniences to the general public.

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