Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Act and celebrate

On 8th of March every year, International Women's Day is celebrated with tall government claims all over the country. First of all, if the national literacy of women is taken in totality, majority of the women population in the country might be oblivious of International Women’s Day.
A nation’s prosperity is judged from the living standard of women, wherein we have failedmiserably uptill now even after more than 60 years of independence.
All round development is noticeable among the negligible percentage of women, living in higher strata of socieity. But if we talk of majority of the women living in rural villages, their condition is still pathetic. There is highest percentage of illiteracy among them so are they living in abject poverty.
There is no doubt that it is a great thing that these-days, three most powerful women are in national capital Delhi. First, our President Pratibha Patil, Second, UPA Chairperson and Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi and third the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila. But if the safe of women in Delhi is taken into account, it appears to be at the lowest ebb. It is a very sorry state of affairs. Chief Minister Sheila Dixit has sought support from the Delhiites in providing full proof seurity to women in Delhi. But the rising crime against women paints sorry state of affairs and the situation deteriorates so fast that the CM cuts a sorry a figure on the auspicious day for women.
On the International Women’ Day, a Delhi college going girl was shot dead at 10.20 AM near her college, though police record is showing about more than 40 percent of crime against women has come down.So, it would be better if the government agencies had concentrated on taking measures for the upliftment of women.
The need of the hour for the Delhi Government is to provide all round safety to women to make the International Women’s Day a grand success.
It is also a fact that the last decade has been the decade of awakening for women. Because in the last decade, girl student had always come first in every competitive tests at national and state levels and also at college, university and board school examinations. And they are maintaining the tempo of success.
It is also good that several state governments have taken revolutionary steps to promote girl education. The Government of Bihar is a shining example to promote girl education by giving all sorts of encouragement to them at school level regardless of caste, creed and community. Merit has been the sole criterion. This shows the true intention of development. Every girl student has been provided a bicycle to attend the school and given Rs 10,000 to those girl students who have scored more than 60 percent of marks in matriculation board examination. These are the steps which can dramatically change the condition of women in socieity itself.

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