Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A matter of great shame for Delhi

Delhi is not like the other metropolitan cities of the nation. It is also the national capital and centre of power and ecucation. But it is worse than that of our other metros. Whether it is law and order, safety of women or civic amenities, it is the worst.
Women in Delhi are most unsafe, where on one hand all the government agencies were busy celebrating March 8th as International Women’s Day and a 22 years old girl was shot dead outside her college on footbridge in broad daylight on the other. The killer is still at large and the police are groping in dark like all other crimes.
No single day passes without the report about incident of atleast one rape in Delhi appears in the news papers. Now the women in the national capital are afraid of coming out of her house. This is the position of the national capital about which the claim of making it a world class city is made by none other than the Chief Minister of Delhi, who herself shows helplessness in providing security to women under the excuse of multiplicity of agencies here.
Policing of Delhi is not under Delhi Government. It is under the Centre. But at present, both at Centre and in Delhi, there is single party rule, that is of Congress. Sheila Dixit is the Congress Chief Minister of Delhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh is the Congress Prime Minister at the Centre. If the CM feels that it is because of multi-plicity of agencies, she can not do anything to improve law and order situation and provide protection to women in Delhi. All this is her excuse and she lacks determination to improve the situation of safety for women.
Delhi CM seeks people’s co-operation, that is right but they have limitations in providing co-operation to the police to improve the safety of women as they found them insentitive and insincere in propmtly utising their co-operation. And this has dampening impact on them. That is why they become indifferent to whatever happens on the roads in Delhi.
Women are nowhere safe in national capital. Whether it is public transport, roads, work places, schools and colleges. Everywhere they are either sexually taunted, molested, gang-raped and killed. Women are terrified. The situation has become fearful for them in the national capital Delhi.
Politicians in power are primarily responsible for this shameful condition. They would have to take initiatives to galvanise the police forces and call up on the Delhiites to come forward to help the law and order machineries. Most powerful ladies of the nation are in control of Delhi. First of all our President, Chief Minister of Delhi, ruling UPA Chairperson and Congress President, Speaker of Lok Sabha all are women. They all are in the seats of power. But the woman is passing the most troubled life in Delhi. They are living in fear and awe. Is this condition not shameful for Delhi?

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