Monday, March 14, 2011

Nature's fury

The entire world is shocked at the massive loss of lives and property by catastrophic earthquake and Tsunami on Friday in Japan. The heart of every individual of the world goes out to the Japanese in this hour of crisis. The actual loss of lives is yet to be estimated correctly but if the nature’s fury caused by the Earthquake of 8.9 magnitude followed by menancing Tsunami, fire in oil refinery and blast in nuclear reactor is anything to tell the story about the loss, it is incalculable.Early indication is that over 1600 hundred lives have been lost so far. The need of the hour is that in the name of humanity, the entire world -headed by the rich countries must send all help to Japan. It has been halted and earthquake followed by Tsunami has thrown it out of gear in every fields. It has come to a halt. It is in the need of massive help. The Friday’s tragedy is so huge for Japan that it would take years and years to compensate the loss. Though Japan has the inner srength to come over within short time, it is the the time for the big world powers to sit together and moot over programme for keeping the gifts of nature intact and the nature from convulsion.Japan was devasted by catastrophic Earthquake and Tsunami. This is the fifth time that the world has experienced the magnitude of natural calamity like this one in Japan on Friday since 1900. Japan has already experienced the catastrophy of atom bomb in 1945.And it is its inner strength to tide over the tragedy very boldly. The devastation in Japan shows that nature's fury can destroy the human and all other living beings if the stop is not put on the blind pursuit of technological and scientific advancement of world powers by damaging natural gifts beyond any imagination. The Friday’s earthquake and Tsunami must be the clear warning for big world powers to re-think also on its all out effort for industrialisation at the cost of nature. The nature’s fury was so furiious that within minutes cars, boats, beindings, ships with passengers were swept away by 13 foot high Tsunami waves in Japan. Friday has proved to be the blackest day for Japan.

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