Thursday, March 17, 2011

Both Cong-Trinamool need each other

The Trinamool Congress of Mamata Bannerjee is undoubtedly going up and up in West Bengal. It has been reflected in the last parliamentary and municipal elections. It has definitely caused sleepless in the ruling Left Front for the first time in its 33 years of rule.Nothing has happened if Bannerjee is be believed so far as Cong-TMC is concerned. But she also must understand that to defeat Left Front is not child's play. So if she dreamt of sitting in Writers' Building , it is her party's necessity to give final approval to the alliance as early as possible.
The stalemate regarding seat sharing between Congress and Trinamool Congress for the next month’s crucial Assembly election in West Bengal continued, even as both the parties kept their doors open for further talks. The talks are on. It is not yet clear when discussions the two parties to clinch the seat-sharing deal. Mamata Banerjee has said that nothing happened.
Trinamool supremo and Union Railways minister Mamata Bannerjee formed the trinamool Congress after parting ways with the Congress in 1997. The birth of TMC is mainly aimed at uprooting the Left Front from West Bengal. Mamata’s grievance with her parent party Congress was that it was not putting all out effort in its fight against the ruling Left Front. She even called the Congress B-team of the Left in West Bengal. It is this disgust that led her to part ways with Congress and formed its own political outfit the Trinamool Congress.
Mamata's political belief kept changing, which is evident from the NDA rule. She had allied with them and in their government at the Centre. Now with her parent organisation Congress. That is why the Muslim minority does not appear to be backing her in toto.At least to attract minority votes, Congress is necessity for her in assembly elections.
Congress has been getting weaker and weaker in West Bengal since it was ousted in 1977 by Left Front. The main cause of this has been weak organisation and the leaning of Congress over the Left to run the Government at the Centre now and then.
The seat sharing talks between Congress and TMC have ended inclusive but on hopeful note. Congress is expected to settle with 70 seats most of them winnable. Earlier, it demanded 98 seats, which the TMC rejected outright. So, the TMC and Congress alliance will be intact. Congress can only be the natural ally of TMC. Because TMC has been carved out of it. The alliance between the two is beneficial for both of them. They would together make the power come back way for the Left Front very difficuly almost impossible this time.

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