Thursday, March 3, 2011

A big blow to UPA Govt

Immediately after terming the appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner as illegal by Supreme Court , P J Thomas resigned.It is a big blow to the Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government. It is ridiculous on the part of the UPA government that even after knowing that the person they were recommending for the appointment of CVC is involved in a case of corruption. How could it be possible that the institution of CVC being of so high integrity should be headed by the person involved in corruption case? The verdict of Supreme Court is welcome. And this verdict has once again proved that if judiciary did not interfere to stop the highhandedness of the government, it would have broken all norms of integrity and honesty.
The apex court decision has also damaged the credibility of the Govt. The High-powered Committee headed by none other than the Prime Minister had himself recommended the appointment of P J Thomas as CVC. He did it when there was case of corruption already pending in the court of law. His action in the appointment of CVC also brings disrepute to him.
The Supreme Court decision to quash Thomas’ appointment as CVC has restored the dignity and integrity to the institution of CVC. Central Vigilance Commissioner P J Thomas has resigned after the Supreme Court decision to quash his appointment, terming it as illegal. The Supreme Court quashed the appointment of P J Thomas as Central Vigilance Commissioner, saying the recommendation made by the high-powered committee headed by the Prime Minister did not consider the relevant material and as such its advice does not exist in law. A high-power committee, headed by the Prime Minister, had cleared the appointment of Thomas, the then Union Telecom Secretary, to the Consitutional post.
Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj, a member of the three-member high-power committee, had made known her disagreement to the government proposal of appointing Thomas as CVC. Home Minister P Chidambaram is the other member.Dealing a big blow to the Central government, the Supreme Court struck down the appointment of Thomas as CVC, holding that the recommendation made by the high-powered panel did not consider the relevant material and, therefore, its advice “does not exist in law”.
60-year-old Thomas, facing a corruption case in a Kerala court relating to Palmolein import scam, did what was required of him immediately after the apex Court gave its keenly awaited verdict, just six months after the former bureaucrat was appointed as the 14th CVC.The Supreme Court decising quashing the appointment of CVC P J Thomas is both a blow and a call to the UPA government to act according to the norms set by constitutional bodies. When it was clear that PJ Thomas was involved in corruption case, why was the government so rigid to appoint him as CVC, ignoring outright the disagreement raised by one of the members of high-powered committee and leader of the opposition? Was it compulsion for Manmohan Singh Government to appoint P J Thomas as CVC? Is it some unseen influence working on his government?
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh needs to explain before the nation that why he recommended appointment PJ Thomas as CVC when the highest court of law for which he also has high respect quashed Thomas' appointment as CVC.

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