Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Protector turned devourer in UP

It is very sad that there have been incidents of rape of mostly dalit women in Uttar Pradesh when it is ruled by Dalit woman Chief Minister Mayawati, who is otherwise known for strict administration. When the protector turns devourer, who can save the dalit women. It is tragic that in the state where there dalit chief minister Chief Minister, who also never boasts of claiming to be the champion dalits, the dalit women are raped without any fear of law. The saddest thing is that the law makers of the ruling BSP have become law breakers in the state. Police and administrative machinery are inefficient and reduced to buffonery. Mayawati is also the boss of her party Bahujan Samaj. More than three and half years back when she had come to power with thumping majority, it was only on the slogan of giving Samman to Dalits and improving law and order. But she has completely failed on both these counts and her administration is like her personal court. Former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi party was defeated on the issue of law and order as it had gone worse at that time. Presently, there is worst law and order condition.Uttar Pradesh is the politically most important state so it is natural for all political parties to play politics. But the fact is fact that UP tops the list in the assault on Dalit women in the country. It also tops the list of cases of rape. Assembly elections are due to be held next year in UP. The state appears to have gone into dark ages where there is no law and order and jungle raj in true sense prevails in UP. Even the Ministers and MLAs are allegedly inolved in rape and murer. Dalits are the worst sufferes in this lawlessness. With elections coming closer, Chief Minister Mayawati has started touring the state. But her position is like medieval king who is surrounded by the army of bureaucrats who have gone so low that if the picture that had been played on news channel is to be believed, Chief Minister Mayawati's Security Officer are are seen dusting off her sandles when she alighted from the helicopter. Chief Minister Mayawati appears to have become blind with power and thought that the post of chief ministership is her ancestral poperty. But time is not far off when the people of Uttar Pradesh would ask her what were you doing when five rapes were committed in 48 hours? Law and order in UP is at the lowest ebb. Mayawati police must stop rape galore of dalit women.

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