Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hang Kasab fast

With upholding the death sentence of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab by Bombay High Court, the Mumbaikers along with the entire nation went ecstatic and wanted him to be put to gallows very fast. Kasab is the lone surviving attacker of Mumbai on 26/11.His involvement needed no witness as he publicly displayed brutality and wanton killings of children, youth and aged ones. He is a man eater and his case is shut and open. That is why he must put to gallows without any loss of time.
But as ours is a constitutionally bound and democratically elected government, we arranged the fair trial of even the condemned accused without any discrimination.With the upholding of Kasab’s death sentence by Bombay High Court, a suspicion among all Indians immediately is bound to arise that it may meet the fate of the death sentence of Afjal Guru involved in the conspiracy of attack on Parliament. Even after the highest court of land upheld the death sentence of Afjal Guru, the UPA government is deliberately delaying his execution because of the vote bank politics. Observing the overwhelming national outrage for the immediate execution Ajmal Kasab, the UPA government this time is not expected to adopt delaying tactics by telling the nation that he is also in queue.
This time the national outrage at Mumbai attacks of 26/11 is so sharp that if the Government at the Centre played politics to delay Kasab’s hanging, there will pernicious repercussions all over the country. Kasab is Pakistan based Lashkare-e-Toiba terrorist. It is beyond any doubt that the conspiracy was hatched and plot was made in Pakistan under the direct supersion of Army and ISI. So, by hanging Kasab will not end animosity but it will strike fear among the hired terrorist of losing life if they were caught in encounter.
As far as Kasab is concerned, he has clear case of displaying brutality before public glare by firing indiscriminately on the crowds of Mumbai for three days. The nation was taken aback and Kasab indescriminately continued firing at the instruction of his masters sitting across the border. Entire Mumbaikers were witness to his black deed. So, he must be put to gallows immediately.

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