Friday, February 18, 2011

Annulment is right, but belated

Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government unlike 2G Spectrum Scam has rightly annuled the controversial S-Band spectrum deal between ISRO’s commercial arm and a private company on grounds of strategic interest, though belated. Though the government has acted in the advanced stage of the contract, Devas Multimedia had paid large amount of contract. So, on this ground, it has option to move the court.
The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS), chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, decided to annul the contract Antrix, the commercial arm of ISRO, had entered into with Devas Multimedia underwhich it was to lease out 90 percent transponders on two of ISRO’s satellites GSAT-6 and GSAT-6A.
Government says that it has already plugged all loopholes to close the option of going to the court by Devas Multimedia for redressal.The government action may send message among the foreign investors that if any underhand dealing is committed even if by government's representatives, the contract would be cancelled.Atleast, the the Government has acted immediately after media had brought to its notice about the alleged scam.
But it does not approve bribery and corruption in the government because it is in race for competition with the developed countries by going all-out for economic reforms. It is quite natural that any private businessman would always try to make profit by hook or crook. It may be decsribed as boon for economic reforms, no matter impact its makes on the general public.
It is because of galore of corruption in the government that public perception has been created that something is wrong with the government. Either Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is weak and indecisive because his personal integrity and honesty is unquestioned or the compulsion of running the government smoothly with allies.
In the corruption galore, if any political party makes loss, it would be the ruling Congress Party at the Centre. Because corruption and price rise are the two issues that are directly faced the the common people all over the country.
performance failures/service interruptions.
Devas has so far made a payment of Rs 58.37 crore as upfront capacity reservation fee for the two satellites.
The launch of GSAT 6 has already been delayed by at least two years and ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan had said that the satellite was yet to be integrated.

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