Saturday, February 12, 2011

People'victory in Egypt

After 18 days of people's protests and loss of lives against the rising prices, unemployment and inefficiency of the Egypt Government,President Hoshni Mubarak bowed to their pressure and resigned. This is the historic victory of people's power of Egypt.
The 18 days of protests at Tehrir Square liberated the country from the dictactatorial of 30 years of Hoshni Mubarak. There is an urgent need of establishing genuine democracy in Egypt, which could take care of the aspirations of the lakhs of Egyptians.
This Egyptian protests of the people against the government, which has been in power for 30 years is also an eye-opener for the heads of government to take care of people's aspirations. Immediately after the news of Mubarak's resignation came, the lakhs of people assembled at Tahrir Square went into ecstacy and jubiliation. It showed how much the people of Egypt were aggrieved at the state of affairs that was going on their for the last 30 years.
Egyptian upheaval also shows that people's power is supreme and whichever ruler failed to respect them is bound to go. Entire world leaders have hailed the resignation of Hoshni Mubarak.
The jolt any country got from the development in Egypt is none other the US, which was its ally.The people's uprising that began with Tunisia entered Egypt and has shaken the corrupt and inefficient government in the entire world. As Egyptians were facing soaring prices and unemployement, people chose the right path of non-violent agitation, though alteast 300 people have lost their lives.
Military Council has taken over the power and it is expected that the free and fair elections would held in time. Muslim Brother has led the protests in Egypt. They are expected to practise secular practice and cast off its fundamentalist thinking if ever elected to power after the elections.

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