Friday, February 4, 2011

Corruption is cancerous

There is an urgent need at the top in Government to make a sustained effort to combat corruption. Because it is spreading very fast and has become all pervasive. Corruption is like cancer, which cuts the life of all government activities. It affects growth and development and its main casualties are the poor people of the nation. Merely expressing anguish over rising corruption and doing nothing tangible to remove it make no sense.As the rot starts from the head, it is the first duty of the government to act decisively against the persons involved in corruption at the top in government.In the given situation of rising corruption and price due to the inefficiency and complacency, all activities of the government are seen with suspicion. An atmosphere is created that whatever progressive step the government may initiate gives the impression among the people that it has been done to siphone off public exchequer by politico-bureaucratic nexus. The rising corruption in government of India rightly demeans its position before the international community. But the question here arises who is responsible for the corrupt practices that are being carried out without any fear. As politicians are masters in government and they rule over the country through the army of bureaucrats, it is their responsibility to declare war on corruption.No wing of the government is left untouched by corruption. There must be a politician-bureaucratic and judicial accountibility. Every wing must be made accountable to their action. With his government under attack over various scams, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rightly spoken out against corruption by saying that it strikes at the roots of good governance, dents the country’s international image and demeans the government before our own people. He also rightly said that this is a challenge which has to be faced frontally, boldly and quickly.Corruption impedes all developmental activities of the government. There must be sincerity and determination on the part of all wings of the government to strike at the roots of corruption so that it could not raise its hydra-headed face to eat into the vitality of the nation

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