Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Animal treament

Radio ankle monitor is nothing less than putting the Indian students in shackles by US for no fault of theirs. They are niether criminals nor involved in any terror activity. On the one hand Indian students have been duped by the sham US Tri-Valley University and they are herded by using radio ankle monitors on them on the other. It is totally unjustified.
The question here arises when the Indian students have no criminal background nor are they involved in any such activities in the US, what is the need of monitoring their movements. Is it not that US tries to establish overlordship on other nationalities?
The US says that this is widespread across the United States and standard procedure for a variety of investigations. It does not necessarily imply guilt or suspicion of criminal activity. But whatever US says is not correct because it is improper to harrass the innocent.
After the attack on Indian students in Australia,they have now been targeted in the US. It is very humiliating that the Indian students have been treated like animals in the country where freedom is kept uppermost while students are not at fault in any way. What the US would have happened if the American students had been shackled anywhere in the world.
The duped Indian students have no fault.The use of radio ankle monitors may be justifiable for the US but it is inhumanitarian and direct attack on the freedom of individual. This type of treatment is highly condemnable and the Government of India must take the issue seriously.
As far as the issue of immigration and visa fraud is concerned here, it is for the US to take whatever action is necessary against its own sham university. It can not transfer punishments on others for no fault of theirs. It reflects that the US considers Indian students studying there the soft targets. The United States can not justify the use of radio ankle monitors on some students of a sham university in California, 95 percent of them from India.It their business to take the charges of visa fraud in whatever manner they consider suitable. But one thing is certain that the US act is in no way justifiable.

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