Monday, February 7, 2011

Life saving pill for Congress in AP

With the merger of Cheerajivi's Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) along with18 MLAs merging with Congress Andhra Pradesh, the Congress Party has succeeded in off setting former Congress MP and son of former charishmatic Chief Minister late YSR's son Jagan Mohan Reddy's plan of dislodging the party government in state.
Jagan has the support of 25 MLAs defected from Congress. As Congress Government of Kiran Kumar Reddy has wafer thin majority in Assembly, the party needed urgent support of some MLAs that it got from Cheeranjivi. Cheeranjivi's is a popular film star of South India and has enormous influence in some of the Andhra districts, though he had failed to make any mark of strength in the Last Lok Sabha. He is also not as charishmatic as late NT Rama Rao was in Andhra Pradesh.
Cheeranjivi is right in his thinking that the Congress party can become his most natural ally. He is fighting for social justic and for that sake he has joined politics.Andhra Pradesh is the strongest hold of Congress in the present condition. It is in no way in a position to loose the state. 33 MPs of the Congress Party come from that state. So, it has managed to rope the support of 18 PRP MLAs.
The prime need for the Congress not in Andhra but all over the country is to overhaul its organisational set-up so that it could connect itself with the people on the ground. There has been disconnect between the people and the party because of weak organisational set-up. The party has failed to reap the benefits from the projects and programme it launches among the people because there is no party organisation at Panchayat or Block level to propogate that the benefits that have come to the people are from the Congress party initiated scheme.
Nearly 30 months after launching his party with much fanfare, Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi has announced its merger with Congress, which is trying to counter the possible threat posed by Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh.

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