Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stop tinkering with AFSPA in J &K

AFSPA is no doubt a draconian law. But why this should not stay in the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir where disturbancesare prevailing. Secession and separatism are at its height there with full backing from across the border . The situation is even worse than it was 20 years back. Anti-national forces have grabbed the agitations with full support of separatist and scessionist leader in the state. Army in Jammu and Kashmir is doing commendable job for the nation and it foils any disruptive attempts of anti-national forces in the state . Its role can not be underestimated. The demand for dilution of AFSPA is only made to let succeed the secessionist attempt to destablise and disintegrate the nation. There must not be any kind of politics at the cost of the nation. The nation wants army to stay alert wherever the disturbances are created in the nation. It does not matter whether it North-eastern states or Jammu and Kashmir. To dilute AFSPA means surrendering before the separatist leaders. The strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir has been in the throes of uprising for the last three months and 69 civilians have lost their lives despite army’s utmost attempt to do minimul collateral damages. The Kashmiri youths are misguided by separatist leaders , who are considered to be the paid agent of Pakistan to create trouble in the state. It is non-sensical on the part of Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah to demand for repealing AFSPA in some districts in Kashmir. And it becomes more non-sensical when Congress top leaders sit to comply the demands of CM in the prevailing continued uuprisings in the Valley.The State of Jammu and Kashmir comprises Jammu, Laddakh and the Valley. Whole of Jammu and Laddakh are in favour of continuation of AFSPA in the state and only the Valley demands its dilution. How can it be possible to consider the demand of diluting AFSPA only by separatists elements in the Valley?The need of the our is not to tinker with AFSPA in the Valley as it would lead to deterioration of the morale of armed forces on the one hand and the situation there going from to worse on the other. Though amid continued unrest in Kashmir, top leadership of the Congress, including party chief Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh discussed ways to deal with the situation ahead of the Cabinet Committee, any favour in dilution of AFSPA in J & K would prove to be suicidal for the nation. The discussion assumes significance as it comes against the backdrop of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s insistence on amendments to AFSPA or its partial withdrawal from the state.

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