Thursday, September 16, 2010

All-party meet sends out confused message

All-Party meeting to discuss the worsening situation in Kashmir and to guage the mood of the nation on CM Omar Abdullah's demand to dilute AFSPA was held at the call of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in New Delhi. Only BJP, the main Oppositio Party, took the clear and no-non-sense stand that there must be no dilution of AFSPA as it would demorlise the morale of security forces and talks must be within the ambit of Indian Constitution. PM and Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi gave grandiose speech that the talks were the only way forward for the solution of Kashmir problem by respecting the sentiments and caring the aspirations of Kashmiris. As the strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir has been burning for the last three months, PM rightly called the all-party meeting to discuss this burning issue facing the nation. But the meeting on the whole sent out often said messages. While the need of the hour is to normalise the situation first there and for that the nation's political leader must act first. The situation in Kashmir is going from bad to worse and in the last three months more 90 than civilians mostly youth have been killed in the firing by security forces and the state police. Separatist leaders have found enough space in the state because of the total failure of the state mainstream political leadership. The hope of Kashmiris in Omar Abdullah with his swearing in as the Chief Minister of the trouble - torn state has dashed to the ground. There has been great trust deficit between government and the people. CM is totally disconnected with the people. And separatists have captured the vacant space. In absence of able state leadership in the state, people vexed with political problems have been left with no choice but to embrace and follow separatist leaders who at the behest of Pakistan create disturbances all over. New Delhi must support the Omar government at this time of crisis and Parliamentary delection which to visit the state shortly as decided by All-Party meeting to make the on the spot study of the siotuation in Jammu and Kashmir must consult all the local political leaders about the situation prevailing there. Otherwise, this Home Minister-led parliamentary delection will be repetition of previous ones. Undoubtedly, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is alarming and if the national leadership of the nation continued to make only grand statements about the situation in the state and see only spectre of burning Kashmir, where even children are seen demanding Azadi, separatist and secessionist forces with full support from across the border would over take the entire political space. New Delhi through political initiatives first win the confidence of the masses and impress upon Kashmiris that they are Indians and Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and will remain so.This impression can only be set in the minds of misguided youth by removing the sense of alienation that had set in the minds of Kashmiri youth by separatist and secessionist leaders. They are only incited by separatist and secessionist leaders to come out on the streets and throw stones on security forces as they have been deployed by New Delhi.

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