Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Congress Party reinvents itself

Congress General Secretary, Party MP and its future hope Rahul Gandhi is reaching out to the people in all corners of the country. It is a very good sign for the party to get back its pre-iminent position.Rahul Gandhi had visited a few days back the poll-bound Bihar and made it amply clear to the electorates there that the Congress would go it alone in the coming assembly elections in October- November. Wherever he visits, people come out spontanaeously to listen him.Presently, Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day visit to West Bengal to galvanise the Congress Party to face assembly elections next year there and give tough fight to the ruling Left Front.Rahul Gandhi has also given clear signal to his dominant alliance partner Trinamool Congress in West Bengal that his party can not compromise with dignity at any cost. He also reported to have said that his party can extend hand but can not bow head.This much assertion from none other than Rahul Gandhi is enough for over assertive Trinamool Congress Chief and Union Railways Minister Mamata Bannerjee to understand the language of her alliance partner, though she herself has been an ex-Congress leader. Rahul Gandhi has asked party activists to strengthen the party in West Bengal so that it could be a deciding factor in the forthcoming elections and said he wanted an alliance with the Trinamool Congress on honourable terms. Congress General Secretary intends to give the clear message to the countrymen that the Congress party is prepared now to retrieve its pre-iminent position that it has enjoyed since Independence in the country. One thing also appears clear all over the nation since Rahul Gandhi joined active Congress politics that party’s old vote bank of Brahmins, SC/STs, minorities and other weaker sections of socieity has become again favourably bent towards it. In Rahul Gandhi, tribals, poor section of socieity and Muslims see hope. Congress Party needs to be overhauled. Its organisational units from Block to State level are in mess in most of the states. Rahul Gandhi needs to rejuvinates the organisational set-ups from top to bottom in states. Old guards who have outlived their time must be honourably shown the door and young and promising with mission to serve the socieity must be taken into Party fold. Though there is softcorner for Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty in Indian psyche since the days of Feedom Struggle, it must be availed of. Rahul Gandhi has become competent politically to read the writing on the wall . That why he is touring every nook and corner of the country.

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