Saturday, June 5, 2010

India must push vigorously for a seat in UNSC

The reform of UNSC is long-pending. In the fast changing world scenario, it is urgently required on UN to reform in both categories - Non-permanent and permanent. India needs only to push strongly for a permanent seat in UNSC . It is also the need of the hour for India to launch vigorous diplomatic campaign to get the seat that it deserves on the international platform.To get a permanent berth in the UN Security Council, it has rightly said that expansion of only non-permanent seats does not constitute reform of the world body and demanded that the membership be increased in both categories. Likewise, expansion only in the non-permanent category or any of its other variants does not constitute reform and is merely the perpetuation of the current inefficiency by the same ineffective means in vogue since 1963. India along with Japan, Germany, South Africa and Brazil is seeking permanent membership of the Security Council. In 2009, member states of the UN had finally abandoned the ‘Open Ended Working Group’ (OEWG) on the issue that had dragged on for 15 years without yielding any substantive results. In March last year, the old talks were replaced by the new inter-governmental negotiations.At the meeting in the UN headquarters, India rightly underlined the need for equitable geographical distribution.India supports a Charter-based distribution of seats that addresses the lack of representation of African, Latin American and Caribbean countries and the lack of adequate representation of Asian countries in the permanent membership.This year, India is also running for a non-permanent seat of the Council for which elections will be held in October.UN is the only international body to look after the weak and underdeveloped countries’ interest at least in issuing statements, though it has ceased to be a puppet in the hands of world’s sole superpower the US. India deserves a UNSC seat on the basis of becoming the largest democracy in the world and a responsible nuclear power. Not only that, it has always in the forefront against the injustices and anti-democratic activities anywhere in the world. It has always stood on the side of the deprived, exploited class of society. Democracy is vibrant and getting from strength to strength in India. It has the support of major non-permanent members for a seat in UNSC in permanent category. India’s inclusion in UNSC will give strong support to the lone functional international body. A vast majority of countries are in favour of expanding the current size of the world body’s top organ from 15 to the mid-20s.There cannot be any reform without expansion in both the categories of membership.India needs the support of 128 countries to get a permanent seat in UNSC. That is why it must send its veteran diplomats all over the world to convass for supports among countries.

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