Thursday, June 10, 2010

Govt’s farcical move

After mishandling the serious accident like Bhopal Gas tragedy, now when the verdict, which is nominal in the light of the magnitude of the tragedy, delivered after 26 years, both the governments at the Centre and in the state shades cocodile tears over the mass murder by leakage of pesticides from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal. The industrial disaster occurred due to the total negligence, callousness and underminig of the thousands of lives by staff and Chief Executive Officer Warren Anderson of Union Carbide Plant. The pain of the tragedy that the victims suffered was aggravated by the then Congress government of Arjun Singh in Madhya Pradesh at the time of occurrence of the industrial accident when it acted reportedly pressure from someone from above to bail out Warren Anderson and release him in few hours after completeting the legal paraphernalia at Union Carbide Guest House in MP.Now when the public outcry over the verdict of the local court is getting louder and louder all over the country, every action of the then government, favouring the prime accused of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Warren Anderson. He was reportedly provided state government plane to fly out of Bhopal. The nation has every right to know why Anderson was given kid glove treatment when he is primarily accused in the mass muder.With the verdict in the case coming under all round attack, the Central government has also reconstituted a Group of Ministers (GoM) to go into a range of issues including the relief and rehabilitation of victims and their families. The Congress party, whose governments at the Centre and in Madhya Pradesh have come under attack at the time of gas leak and later, sought to fob off criticism and demanded that government should take quick steps for Anderson’s extradition. Union Carbide Corporation of the US had set up Union Carbide India Limited in Bhopal and their Chief Executive Officer US national Warren Anderson. The treatment the MP government of Arjun Singh meted to him was no less than a state guest. He was only arrested for a few hours and bailed out by Judicial Magistrate reportedly at the instruction from above by carrying out legal formalities at the Union Carbide guest house and a state government plane was arranged for him by the state head of the civil aviation. Why all these favours were done for Anderson. Was the Central government at that time under pressure from the US not to touch Anderson at the cost of thousands of innocent Indians? In 1984,when the Bhopal Gas Tragedy took place, there were Congress Governments at the Centre as well as in the state of MP. Therefore, the Congress party must make clear why the government buckled under pressure and did not pursue legal action against the prime accused Warren Anderson.

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