Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mamata's next target is Writers' Building

The day Mamata Banerjee formed her own political outfit Trinamool Congress in West Bengal after breaking away with the Congress party, a political leader who could challenge CPI (M) in its own bastion was born. She defected from her parent party the Congress because she felt that it was functioning as the B team of CPI(M)-led Left Front in Bengal. As Mamata is a lone fighter and maverick politician, the beginning of her Trinamool Congress was not stormy and Left, Congress both did not took her seriously. But her relentless service to the people of Bengal showed its impact first in 2009 Lok Sabha elections and the subsequent by elections to the state assemly in which she trounced Left Front very badly and finally in civic polls she demolished their citadel single handly. Mamata proved to be stormy who swept the Left Front off the feet single-handedly. Though she is Union Railway Minister in Dr. Manmohan Singh UPA government at the Centre as her party is its alliance patner, her party's marriage with Congress in the just concluded Municipal elections broke and she very successfully fought without alliance partner. West Bengal civic body polls, undoubtedly, reflect that the strong wind of change has started blowing under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee and the countdown to drive the last nail in the coffin of CPI (M) regime of 34 years has begun. The assembly elections in West Bengal are due to be held next year and Left Front wipe out from the state is certain if the civic polls are anything to go by. The Left were not only defeated badly in urban areas but also the rural ones and the entire state is in unrest for the change of government. The CPI (M) has urgent need to introspect why their popularity among the people has declined so sharply. Civic poll results show clearly that the people of West Begal are badly disillusioned with the CPI (M) leadership. Its workers too found themselves directionless and its entire organisational bodies are in mess because the leadership has failed to grasp the ground reality of Bengal. The mishandling of Singur and Nandigram issues by the Buddhadeb Bhattacharya government, and Mamata Banerjee standing with dispossed and deprived exposed the Left’s so-called soft corner for the poor. All things were already reflected in the parliamentary and civic elections. Mamata Banerjee is set to sit in Wrters’ Building after the assembly elections and the Left should starting packing their bags. She has inflicted a crushing blow to the ruling Left front in the civic polls by capturing the prestigious Kolkata Municipal Corporation(KMC) and bagging 36 other municipalities. She is sure to emerge as a giant killer in the coming assembly elections next year in West Bengal. But she also must not under estimate the strength of her alliance partner the Congress party in UPA at the Centre because it would be very beneficial for her political outfit to go to assembly election with it.

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