Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Central rule - A right option in Jharkhand

When no option was left with all major political parties to form the new government in Jharkhand, Governor within the parameters of constitution sent report to the Union Cabinet to recommend for imposition of President rule there to end the month-long political certainties.The Union Cabinet promptly recommended the Governor's report to the President Pratibha Patil to give her assent. She promptly gave her assent and the President's rule was imposed in Jharkhand. The political coalition formed of power seekers and most undependable entities is sure to meet their political nemesis in Jharkhand way. With the imposition of President’s rule , the month-long political uncertainty, which had paralysed the state administration, has ended. The inordinate delay by the BJP and the JMM in Jharkhand to sort out the issue of new government formation had brought the state to a halt.There had been no sign of governance since the BJP announced to withdraw its support to Shibu Soren Government in the aftermath of voting on cut motions against the UPA Government in Lok Sabha in which the party ally Jharkhand Chief Minister Shibu Soren in the capacity of Lok Sabha member violated the principle of coalition by voting in favour of the UPA government on the issue. Instantly, the BJP’s lust for power was reflected when its coalition partner JMM offered chief ministership, requesting it to review its decision of withdrawing support to the government. It put its withdrawal decision on hold and started the exercise of choosing the right man from among the state party for the post of Chief Minister.Again, its internal differences came to the fore when it failed to do so. It has been reported that the BJP had agreed to JMM formula but now it was too late. The tribal dominated state of Jharkhand was created out of Bihar 9 years ago but it never saw the stable government.Since the state of Jharkhand was created, it neither saw stability nor development. It was created for speedy development but it went down very low as far as the issue of development is concerned. The state suffered from the perenial disease of instability. It has 7 chief ministers in its 10 years of existence. The main motive of the politicians in the state has been to exploit its mineral resources as it is very rich in minerals. Jharkhand has been made a money minting machine by the state leaders.Therefore, the President rule for atleast two years in Jharkhand is the urgent need to bring it back on the rail of development. The Congress has rightly indicated that it might seek President’s rule if the standstill over government formation continued there without any solution. All the activities of the government had come to a halt since the uncertainty about the formation of the new government. This had come to an end.That is why the President’s rule was the last option to save Jharkhand any more anarchy. BJP and JMM should have given a government, rising above vested political interests as soon as possible for the benefit of the poor tribal people. In the given anarchic situation, the use of Constitutional powers of imposing President’s rule was the only option left with the Centre. By imposing President’s Rule in the state, the Centre has taken the right step to save Jharkhand from further administrative collapse. Since it was too long a period of uncertainty in the state over formation of an alternative government, any further delay by the Centre to recommend for the President’s rule would make the situation worsening in the state. BJP and JMM could not reach an agreement to form an alternative government as both the partners had excessive lust for power .Keeping their pressure on, four of the 18 JMM MLAs had already demanded continuation of party President Shibu Soren as Jharkhand Chief Minister for first 28 months before handing over the baton to the BJP. This arrangement was not agreeable to BJP. It withdrew the support to Govt, resulting in the resignation.

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