Saturday, May 29, 2010

UN's partisan action

This is the first time that the UN has called upon three countries by name to join NPT and CTBT without pre-conditions in a statement at the conclusion of the month-long 2010 NPT review conference. By calling up on India by name to join NPT and CTBT and bracketing with Israel and Pakistan, it has shown its short-sightedness in dealing with international issues.The NPT Review Conference is held every five years to assess the progress in reaching the goals set out in the 1970 treaty to disarm and stop the spread of nuclear weapons.India, Pakistan and Israel did not attend the meet. The last conference in 2005 had ended in failure. In fact, the UN once known for impartial action ceases to be an independent international organisation. It only does what the US wishes it to do. Because it is run totally on the financial contributions from the US. So,it has completely become a puppet in the hands of the US.It is very bewildering why the UN bracketed India with Pakistan and Israel. While the entire world accepts the fact that India is a responsible nuclear power state and the chief exponent of disarmament. India only voices concern and refuses to join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) because they are discriminatory. Both the treaties only favour the developed western powers, which have enormous of nuclear weapons and installations. That is why it wants them to first show cutting down of nuclear weapons by action. They must lead the world in anti-nuclear weapons campaign from the front.India will never join NPT and CTBT as long as they are discriminatory. The UN has adopted a new tradition time that it singled out countries by names. By doing this, the UN has clearly shown its partisan behaviour and also reflected that it is favourably bent towards the US-led western powers. Its call to join NPT and CTBT is completely unacceptable to India. The government of India must not come under any influence to join NPT and CTBT as long as they discriminatory. In a departure from tradition of not singling out countries by name, the United Nations has asked India, Pakistan and Israel to join NPT and CTBT without further delay and pre-conditions.

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