Thursday, May 13, 2010

Disastrous performance

The accountability must be fixed for humiliating exit of Team India from the T20 World Cup. No excuses should be entertained as the issue of national prestige and pride. No matter Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has stood up in the defence of Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, saying that all players have given their best in T20 World Cup. Can anyone justify Dhoni's excuses that the team performed disastrously because of players' participation in post IPL partying. Team India captain Mahendra Singh has blamed IPL parties for the team’s most humiliating exit from the T20 World Cup for the second consecutive events. It become more humiliating after being the Champion of first T20 World Cup under the same captain. It means either it was by chance that Dhoni’s team performed exceedingly well in the first world event in the new format of the game of cricket or his captaincy and individual performance has gone down that no other other members play upto their potential and they started attaching more importance to Club cricket over the national prestige and interest at world event. As the cricketers earn money, fun and enjoyment from IPL matches, they are partying, ignoring deliberately the national prestige and pride. No Indian players showed any hunger for runs and taking wickets in any of the T20 World Cup matches. They defeated only the weakest Afgha team and by chance South Africa.The BCCI on the other hand is so much involved in earning money that they care least to anaylise the performance of players in Team India and selection committee too do not care much to select on the basis of player’s talent and performance in the domestic cricket. They have the tendency of selecting the players for a series or two blindly only if they performed well in the debut match. They do not bother to judge those players’ potential and talent. One thing more serious is that some of the senior players of Team India barring Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, though they themselves avoid playing T20 international matches, know that their selection is a forgone conclusion whether they perform or not. They think themselves indispensable. This is a dangerous tendency and the BCCI must remove it from among them by dropping them if they don’t performe up to their reputation. Dhoni has blamed IPL post matches parties for their humiliating exit, but if any one asks him who forced them to go partying and avoid practices for doing well in the world event what will be his answer? His excuses for disastrous performance is ridiculous. He too thinks himself that whether he is himself fit to lead Team India or not. His team won no match in Super 8 and not only that why they are facing humiliating defeat at the world event of cricket for the last 4 years. No batsman of Team India could face the bouncers on the pitches of West Indies. They batted like cats and the bowlers of opponent team were like lions before them. The BCCI would do nothing but show captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni the door to save their skin. They would take no corrective measures which are urgently needed for the Indian team. This is the most humiliating exit from the scene in the iniatial stage itself. Dhoni and his boys have brought disgrace to the nation and they must pay for them.

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