Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Haphazard and negligent style of Delhi Government's functioning

The Sheila Dikshit Government of Delhi has faced severe embarrassment over haphazard and negligent its functioning on the sentisive and most important issue of clearing file, regarding the clearance of the death sentence to the convict of Parliament attack for waging war against the nation and murder. The Delhi govt. officials concerned of the Home ministry had been sitting on the file for the last four years. Afzal Guru was awarded sentence to death by a Delhi Court, which was upheld by the Delhi High Court in 2006 itself. The court had even fixed the date of hanging convict Afzal Guru. And it was following the mercy appeal filed by Afzal Guru before the President that the file was sent to the Home department of the state by Union Homeministry to get clearance to complete the official procedure as per established procedure in the case of mercy appeal. The issue of pending of files about Afzal Guru’s death sentence with the Delhi Government came to light in the wake of the recent verdict of Death sentence to Ajmal Kasab for 26/11 Mumbai attack. If this verdict was had not come, God knows how long the Guru’s file would have been in dust in the Home Department of Delhi Government. This delay throws very poor light on the functioning of the Sheila Dikshit Government. It also reflects Sheila govt's vested political interest delaying the file. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshi must explain why her government was sitting for so long a time on the file, dealing with the enemy of the nation. The Parliament attack was the attack on India’s sovereignty. And when the court of law had awarded the convict Afzal Guru death sentence, why her government was prologing it deliberately to complete the official procedures? The issue in question is related to the emotion and sentiment of the nation. Her government should have dealt with the file promptly, which was sent by the Home ministry to complete the official procedures prior to the decision of the President about the mercy appeal filed by the convict in Parliament attack case How disturbed the CM Dikshit is can be guaged from her statement when she told the reporters in Hindi,“File age chali gayi hei. (The file has been moved for further action)". According to the top government sources, the Delhi Home Department has sent the file to the office of Lt Governor Tejinder Khanna, who will examine it and send it back.After it is returned by the LG office, the state Home Department will forward the file to the Union Home Ministry. The sheer negligence of the Delhi govt's. functioning comes to light when the clearance of the file came after it received the 16th reminder from Union Home Ministry recently seeking its opinion on the mercy petition. Whatever caused the delay in clearing the file, CM Sheila Dikshit will have to be accountable for all the mal-functioning of her government.