Monday, May 17, 2010

Onus of stampede on Railway Ministry

The stampede at New Delhi Railway Station yesterday, that killed a lady and a minor boy and injured several other passengers , has been totally caused by the sheer negligence, mismanagement and miscalculation of the increasing rush of passengers during the period of summer vacation in schools and marriage season in North India by the Railway officials and the Minister Mamata Bannerjee .The tragic incident of stampede clearly reflects how railways official are callous and negligent to learn from the past. This is not the first time that the stampede has occurred at New Delhi Railway Station. Before this, stampede had taken place in 2004 at the same railway station and during the boarding of the same Bihar bound train, that kiiled 8 innocent persons and injured several. After that, the Rail management made some rules and regulations to regulate the passengers to avoid any untoward happening. But after some time all of them were thrown to the winds by the officials concerned of the rail ministry. How insensitive is the Railway minister Mamata Bannerjee to the safety of passengers reflects in her statement in connection with stapede that it took place due to the unruly passengers. Can she tell the nation that railways have no responsibility for the safety of passengers? Or Can the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh tell the nation that due to the coaltition character of his government, he can not control his minister? Can Raliway Minister Mamata Bannerjee being head of the largest national organisation whose reach is to the every nook and corner of the country confine herself to the politics of her home state to remove the Left-Front long time government of West Bengal and introduce new trains there only for her party’s political interest in the coming state assembly elections. She must understand that she runs the largest organisation of the nation and that is why she is responsible to the people of the entire nation. Prime Minister must ask her bluntly either she runs the railway ministry from the rail Bhavan or vacate the seat in Union Cabinet. She reportedly keeps herself absent from Rail Bhavan and runs it from Kiolkata. She must resign from the ministry and come out of UPA to do full-time politics in her home state of West Bengal , if not, PM must dismiss her to save the life of innocent rail passengers. As History repeats itself, she must go as had happened with her in her first stint as union Minister for Railways in the NDA government.

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