Monday, July 17, 2017

Positive gesture

The opening day of Parliament shows some signs of hope of its smooth functioning. Though the opposition parties are ready to attack the govt. on its China and Kashmir policies, they are also required to support to it in dealing with the problems successfully. The greeting of all the opposition leaders, including Congress President Sonia Gandhi and party vice President Rahul Gandhi by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi clearly reflects that Govt. is going to take conciliatory approach on all issues in national interest. PM Modi has rightly sought opposition support on the issue of Govt. move against corruption. There must be constructive and reasoned debated in Parliament. It is the biggest platform to discuss and debate all issues of national and international importance. Govt. has also sought opposition support in conducting the smooth functioning of Parliament. If the past experience is anything to go by, it is clear that whether it is govt. or opposition, both only try to score brownie points in Parliament for the sake of political benefits. In this way, the sufferer is the country as crores of rupees are spent on running it. The crores of rupees are drained away because of the bedlam created in the Parliament by the political parties only to upgrade themselves. Neither the ruling nor the opposition political parties must not be in any illusion that their drama inside the Parliament is not watched by the people. They judge them sitting silent till the next elections. So, to run Parliament smoothly is the responsibility of all political parties. The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is going from bad to worse. The border dispute with China is also getting worse and worse as standoff over Doklam has been continuing for more than a month. Both these problems are of paramount importance for the nation. Both the opposition and the ruling parties must speak in one voice on these two issues so that the message could go out loud and clear that India stands firm and it cannot buckle under any pressure of the world power. Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. On the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, Parliament has already passed a resolution that India will talk for vacating Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). So, the opposition and the ruling once again reiterate that resolution that now any talk, if ever possible, will be on PoK with Pakistan. The united voice of the nation must come from the Parliament that whenever there would be talk with Pakistan, it would be bilateral. Third party intervention is out of question. India need not any support from others to decide how to resolve Kashmir issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also required to tell the nation about the situation arising from the standoff over Doklam with China. All these debates and discussions on a number issue require a congenial atmosphere in Parliament. The disruptionist approach by any political party must be shunned by all. Jammu and Kashmir and China issues need immediate attention. So, there requires to be a threadbare debate and discussion on them to find out solutions in the interest of the nation. Apart from Jammu and Kashmir and China issues, the issue of attack on some people by the so-called Gau Rakshaks in the name of protecting cow must also be discussed as to how it could be stopped immediately. Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned them against taking law into their own hands, their criminal activities continue to go on. This is one of the most important domestic issues. It also requires to be discussed thoroughly why their acts of criminality in the name of protecting cow are not checked . PM Modi has rightly sought the support of the opposition in curbing the violences in the name of protecting cow.

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