Friday, July 14, 2017

JD (U)’s principled stand

Bihar Chief Minister and JD (U) supremo Nitish Kumar has taken a principled stand on the issue of corruption all the time. Nitish Kumar has never compromised with corruption. There is no taint of corruption on his long political career. He has been a strong exponent of upholding probity in public life. Therefore, JD (U) one of the most important constituents of ruling Mahagathbandhan has rightly asked the Deputy CM Tejswi Yadav of the biggest partner RJD to put all facts in regard to the allegations against them in Hotel-land scandal by CBI in public domain so that the people of the state could know that they were leveled out of political vendetta. Besides Tejswi Yadav, RJD supremo Lalu Yadav and his wife former Bihar CM Rabri Devi have also been named in the case by CBI after its raid in connection with irregularities in leasing out Railway hotels in Ranchi and Puri to a private company. As far as the credential of RJD supremo Lalu Yadav is concerned, it is well known to all that he is a convict in 1000 crore fodder scam. So, probity in public life is meaningless for him. What matters most for him is corruption and casteism. It was well known to Nitish Kumar. Even then, he had made Mahagathbandhan with Lalu, who is already tainted. JD(U) gave the RJD a four day time to put all facts regarding CBI allegations against the three top most RJD leaders in the public domain. Otherwise, CM Nitish Kumar would have to dismiss his deputy CM Tejswi Yadav from the government. Nitish Kumar has given a four day time to RJD because he wants to continue the Mahagathbandhan. If that was not so, he would have dismissed Tejswi the moment CBI lodged corruption case against him. But for the sake of challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP in 2019 elections, keeping Magathbandhan intact is of prime necessity. If the RJD put all facts in public domain that the allegations against Tejswi made out of political vendetta appeared convincing, Nitish Kumar would continue with him as his deputy in the government of Bihar. But all the rebuttals given by RJD must be based on facts that Lalu and the members of his family have been specially targeted because he is one of the strongest opposition leaders and he is going to organize a mega rally in Patna on August by the name Bharat Bachao, BJP Bhagao rally. It is also seen that CBI, ED, IT and other investigating agencies are singling out only opposition leaders like Lalu in Bihar, Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati in UP Mamta Bannerjee in West Bengal and DMK leaders in Tamil Nadu. So, this selective approach of the investigating agencies cast doubt on the motive of the NDA govt. at the Centre also. To save Mahagathbandhan in Bihar, there may be possible that RJD would rethink on its earlier stand against the resignation of Tejswi and he might step down on his own pending the investigation against him. Tejswi may be replaced by his elder brother Tej Pratrap Yadav. Only this arrangement can save the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar. Before this, Nitish Kumar had dropped his ministers against whom cases were lodged. He is committed to upholding probity in public life. One thing that also goes in favour of Mahagathbandhan is that the position of Lalu Yadav has been weakening day by day because of CBI and ED raids and interrogations of his daughter and MP Misa Yadav and her husband so Lalu to be in reckoning would not like to topple Nitish Kumar govt. BJP awaits Nitish Kumar govt. to fall and it is also prepared to extend outside support to Nitish Kumar to form the govt. again. Weighing all these probabilities, Lalu would not like to topple govt. He would rather ask Tejswi to resign and make way for his elder brother to take his position in the govt. It is also clear that RJD would not be able to give convincing facts that the allegations against its leaders are false. As Tejswi Yadav put forward the reason that because he had no moustache at the time when allotment of railway hotels to a private company took place, how he could be involved in the scandal. His argument lacks sense and reason.

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