Monday, July 3, 2017

Mahagathbandhan tottering?

All actions of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Mahagathbandhan are the same as he did prior to the parting of ways with the BJP led-NDA in 2013 on the eve of Lok Sabha elections. His party JD(U) had also supported Congress –led UPA presidential candidate Pranab Mukherjee at that time against NDA nominee P A Sangma. This time, Kumar has gone against the opposition presidential nominee Meira Kumar by supporting NDA nominee Ram Nath Kovind in the presidential election to be held on July 17. So, his current moves clearly indicate that he is waiting for the opportune time to part ways with Mahagathbandhan. Two years back, Mahagathbandhan of Lalu’s Rashtriya Janta Dal, CM Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) and Congress party was formed mainly to defeat BJP in the Bihar assembly elections. It defeated the BJP-led NDA in assembly elections by a massive margin. The Mahagathbandhan was led by CM Nitish Kumar. It was on his initiative that the Grand Alliance of the three parties was formed. The Bihar assembly elections outcome halted the winning spree of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which was going stronger and stronger since the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. CM Nitish Kumar is a shrewd politician. To throw Lalu’s RJD out of power, Kumar had joined hands with BJP in the NDA and his party JD (U) remained in the alliance for 17 years. He led the NDA in Bihar assembly elections in 2005 and defeated RJD and overthrew the 15 years rule of Lalu-Rabri duo. He formed govt. in alliance with BJP and kept it in place for eight years. But when BJP announced Prime Minister Narendra Modi as its PM candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he immediately parted ways with it. Though in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, JD(U) and other opposition parties performed very poorly and the Modi wave almost swept them. As CM Nitish is a veteran politician, he knew that if he did not form alliance of secular parties in the state, BJP would win the assembly elections comfortably. That is why he formed the Mahagathbandhan and succeeded in his scheme of things. CM Nitish Kumar is also image conscious and known for providing good governance to the people of the state. His image is spotless. There is no corruption charge against him in his long political career. However, there are charges of corruption against the RJD boss Lalu Prasad Yadav.RJD is the largest party of Mahagathbandhan. There are also charges of corruption against Lalu’s sons and daughters. Since the CBI raid at places of Lalu’s daughter Misa Yadav MP in Delhi and Gurgaon, the conscience of Nitish Kumar has been biting for being with the people of tainted image in Mahagathbandhan. Lalu’s two sons besides other party leaders were been taken into the Nitish Kumar’s Council of Ministers as per the party quota in a coalition govt. Lalu’s youngest son Tejswi Yadav has been made Deputy CM of Bihar. The names of Lalu's sons also reportedly figure in the list of Benami property holders as unearthed by the ED. If the BJP puts pressure on ED and CBI to file Charge sheet against Lalu’s tainted sons, who are ministers in state Cabinet, CM Nitish Kumar will be left with no choice but to dismiss them. It will certainly jeopardize the future of the Grand Alliance. As Nitish is a master politician, he sees clearly which way the wind is blowing in advance. He is convinced that PM Modi wave is still intact. He has supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of his Demonetization move, presidential choice of RaM Nath Kovind and surgical strike by the army against the stands of his Magathbandhan’s partners Congress and RJD. Congress and RJD boycotted the gala event of the launching of GST at midnight in the Central Hall of Parliament, but Nitish Kumar sent his representative to participate in it. His all these moves clearly reflect that sooner or later Magathbandhan is bound to break. When CM Nitish Kumar’s move will be opposite to the moves of his partners, it means he is in Mahagathbandhan only to at the helms of power in Bihar. This type of attitude can not go long. All three partners must move together on any issue. One must support the other. Otherwise, coalition cannot survive for long.

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