Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jiophone will give big boost to PM’s Digital India campaign

The internet has become the lifeline in this fast paced world. The digitalization is a must for achieving development in all spheres of lives. When former Prime Minister and one of the makers of modern India late Rajiv Gandhi had introduced computers in offices, banks, educational institutions, Post Offices and in all day to day activities of lives of the people, he had faced opposition. But he did not retrace his steps from the path of development. When he introduced ATM for the first time in Delhi, almost all opposition parties called for Bharat Bandh as a sign of protest to the introduction of computers. They said that Computers would cut down jobs in the country. But in contrary to their perception, the Computer brought revolution in Information Technology in India. IT industries generated and provided lakhs of jobs to young IT professionals of the country. IT industry is still the largest job generating sector in India. It was the vision of Rajiv Gandhi that the use of computers became a boon for all Indians. Now, anyone can imagine how easy it is to withdraw money from the nearby ATM Kiosk of the bank. The Internet makes life comfortable. It keeps the people well-informed and alert at the click of a mouse. These days, the internet has become indispensable for the people in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also launched ambitious Digital India programme to connect all village Panchayats with the internet. It will enable even the rural people sitting thousands of Kms away in their villages to know everything with only a touch on the smart phone. Smart phone makes people smarter, knowledgeable and resourceful. If a person has smart phone with internet connection in his pocket, he can connect with anyone or thing of his and her requirements. This is the chief characteristic of Smart phone. So, it is of utmost importance for the govt. of India to make Digital India a grand success. Reliance Industries is the biggest corporate of the nation. They have always thought ahead of time. More than 15 years back, they had launched CDMA phone at a very low price to enable even the poor to afford to buy it under the slogan of ‘ Karlo Dunia Muthhi Me’. It made the phone very popular among the people. As far as Smart Phone is concerned, it is only 20 per cent of the population of the country about 22 crore people possess Smart Phone. In order to support Digital India project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Mukesh Ambani has launched its VoLTE feature phone, JioPhone, in India at an ‘effective price’ of Rs 0. JioPhone will be available to all Indians for an effective price of Rs 0. JioPhone is effectively free for Jio customers. A JioPhone user can use the Jiophone for 36 months and can get a full refund of the security deposit of Rs. 1500 by returning the used Jiophone. He claims that JioPhone is the most affordable intelligent phone in the world. Ambani dedicated the newly launched cellular phone to the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence, with a motive to provide data to over 50 crore data-deprived people in India, so that it no longer remains the "privilege of few." The JioPhone will be available for user testing on August 15 and the pre-booking starts on August 24. It will be physically available to those who have pre-booked the phone on the first-come-first-serve basis from September this year.Jio will provide access to unlimited data on JioPhone at Rs. 153 a month, which if used on other networks, with similar phone feature would cost Rs. 3,000-Rs. 4,000. Reliance Industries of Ambani has played important role in popularizing the digitalization in our country fast by enabling the people, who cannot afford a Smart phone, to have it very easily with the launching Jiophone at an effective price of Rs. Zero. It is a great move. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani appears to be maintaining his role and responsibility a corporate in the development of the nation. With the launching Jiophone phone, the Smart phone will no longer be the privilege of few. It will also be available to common Indian to avail the benefits of digitalization.

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