Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Daughters made India proud

Indian Women Cricket team may have been defeated by the England Women Cricket team by nine runs in a thrilling ICC Women’s World Cup final, but all the team members have made India proud. India is proud of their tenacity and perseverance. India were 191 for three at one point, and needed 11 to win from the final 12 balls, but got all out for 219, clearly giving away the game to the host. Indian women team has shown tenacity and perseverance. It is no little achievement that the Indian Women Cricket team got by reaching the final. During the entire world cup matches, they have played superbly, which impressed the cricket fans in India very much. The scintillating 171 scored by Harmanpreet Kaur in one of the world cup matches showed the cricket world that it is not only Indian Men’s Cricket Team players, but also Women have capability, ability and strength to win the World Cup to make India proud. Women Cricket Team in India has not been provided all the facilities like Men’s team. Neither media nor the board or govt. provides attention towards women’s cricket team. However, the women cricketers are neither lacking in talent and potential to win World cup for the country. Women Cricket team has shown by reaching the final that if due attention and facility were given to them, they would have performed better and won the World Cup. Women Cricket Team must also be provided world class trainer, coach and guide to hone up their skills in batting, bowling, and fielding. Women Cricketers’ doggedness, steadfastness, and determination have impressed the nation. It is also natural why daughters will lag behind sons of the country in any field. The time is changing very fast. Girls are no longer behind the boys in any field of activities. Whether it is sports, govt. jobs, education or competition for military and police services, they fare well. Even it has been seen that whether it is CBSE or UPSC examinations, the girls have been ahead of boys. So, if all the facilities, media attentions, and financial helps were provided to the Women Cricket team like Men’s one, they would definitely perform better. The focus in the country has always been on Men’s Cricket Team and Women Cricket Team is put on back burner. Despite that, the performance of the Women Cricket team in the final world cup match is commendable and praise worthy. The entire nation is proud its daughters’ performance in the World Cup final at Lords in London. Though the India Women’s Cricket team could not mark victory in the ICC Women’s World Cup final, their families back at their home were seen celebrating their daughters’ brilliant performances. Victory and defeat are the ways of the sports. The team which performs better on the final day wins. But the brave daughters of India played up to their potential at Lords. They may have missed somewhere, but they have kept the hope alive of winning the world cup next time. They have shown the world that they have capacity, ability, strength and potential to win the cup in the final. The cricket board and the govt. of India must provide enough attention towards the Women Cricket Team. The media houses must also highlight the problems being faced by women cricketers in the country.

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