Monday, June 22, 2015

Team India's weakness exposed

Casual, careless, insincere and inconsistent approach by Team India to the game in One-Day series against Bangladesh on their home ground resulted in its humiliating defeat. Bangladesh defeated India very convincingly. Indian players' false belief in their might that they are superior to Bangladesh has also contributed to their defeat. Bangladesh outplayed Team India in every department of the game. Their, batting, bowling and fielding were superb. In comparison to them, Indian players appeared listless, tired, exhausted and completely unaware how to tackle the onslaught of young and promising Bangladeshi bowler Mustafir Hussain. He presented the superb piece of bowling before which all Indian batsmen starting from the top order to the tail ender appeared nervous and clueless. Team India ultimately surrendered before Bangladesh. Indian players should have also kept in mind while touring Bangladesh that they had defeated Pakistan on their home ground very badly, which reflects their strength. Team India may be burdened with tight schedules all over the year due to which their energy levels have come down to zero. In the face of exuberating, confident, fighting, energetic and aggressive Bangladeshi players, Team India could not do anything to save prestige and reputation. Team India’s experiment with two captains- one for One - Dayer and the other for Test match has also not been fruitful and beneficial. Rather it has created two power centres in the team, which has created ego problem and friction. There are many loopholes in it that requires to be plugged immediately. Over-tight scheduling of the players at home and abroad and their excessive involvement with advertising for different products to earn need to be looked into. Team India should not have taken Bangladesh very lightly and sincerely. The humiliating defeat will also have demoralizing impact on the Indian players. Not even a single player played up to their potential. It will be difficult for Team India to come out of the shocking defeat. BCCI must analysize the defeat of at the all hands of Bangladeshi team thread bare and take necessary measures to the recurrence of this type of humiliating defeat at the hands of the team, which was considered underdog.

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