Thursday, June 25, 2015

BJP loses its face over Lalitgate

BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi lose their faces on daily basis because of their failure in dismissing their two Union Ministers - External Affairs Sushma Swaraj HRD Smirti Irani- and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhra Raje Scindhia for their alleged involvement in morally and legally wrong acts. The charge against Swaraj is that she helped the fugitive and economic offender former IPL boss and cricket tycoon Lalit Modi acquire travel documents from British govt to go to Portugal to sign an operation paper of his wife, who is cancer stricken. She and her party defend it by saying that help was on humanitarian ground. Whichever ground it may be, but one thing is clear that she helped fugitive, which is wrong morally and legally. There is a charge against Rajasthan CM Vasundhra Raje Scindhi that he signed Modi’s immigration paper as witness to back his stay in Britain on the condition that it would be kept secret from the Indian officials. A Delhi court accepted to hear a case about the fake qualification charge against Smirti Iran. Enough proofs and documents corroborating the charge have come in public domain, which make the BJP's defence and PM's silence untenable. PM Modi's silence itself reflects that there is something fishy in both Laligate and certificate imbroglio. All these charges against BJP ministers puncture its claim of high moral ground. It clearly appears that scam days have returned again. Now BJP's charge against the previous UPA government that it was mired in corruption and scandals in its tenure of ten years is now boomerang on itself just after completing only one year in office. As former PM Manmohan Singh used to take silent stand on charges against his government and ministers, PM Modi has adopted the same thing completely unaware of the perception he himself and his party are making among the people. It appears that unless and until the public outcry spills on the streets all around, Modi's tainted ministers and leaders would not resign. The parameter adopted by the Modi govt. to deal with corruption, illegality and wrong moral acts can not be one for its ministers and another for opposition party leaders. Prime Minister Modi must ask his tainted ministers to resign to uphold high moral ground of which he speaks in his every public interaction. It is will be better for him to ensure smooth functioning of the monsoon session of Parliament by dismissing his tainted minister. Otherwise, Congress leaders and workers are bound to come on the streets to demand their resignations and stall it in coming days. The tainted ministers and the CM have lost the moral ground to stay in office. If they resigned right now pending the investigation, the opposition Congress would lose its opportunity to set goalpost.

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