Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No excuse to help economic offender is tenable

Union Minister Sushma Swaraj may put forward humanitarian ground for help money laundering and forex violation accused former IPL boss and Cricket tycoon Lalit Modi acquire travel documents in UK, but it is completely untenable. The question arises here is that was she un-ware of his absconding from the law? Lalit Modi is a serious economic offender so he should be treated as such. Any help to him by the person who occupies constitutional post must be treated as his accomplice. She must resign pending investigation to uphold probity in public life. It is also appears that Sushma helped Lalit Modi and in return he also obliged by getting her relative admitted in Sussex Law college in Britain and engaged her daughter in his legal team in India , which is fighting the cancellation of his passport. Her husband has been Modi's advocate for the last 20 years. And all this reflects how close she is to him. It also appears that she had family attachment with him. Here it also clearly appears that she is involved in Quid Pro Quo. Another report that surfaced yesterday says that Rajasthan Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Vasundhra Raje Scindhia had backed his immigration paper under the condition of secrecy in UK in 2011 as witness when she was opposition leader in the state. Lalit Modi is also considered to be very close to the entire BJP establishment. His photo with Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also appeared on different news channels, which reflect the proximity between the two also. The question here is that where the buck stops. Congress Party allegation holds water that as there is one man rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi govt., it appears odd that his minister would have helped Lalit Modi without taking his consent. So, buck finally stops at PMO is not altogether out of place. The way all BJP ranks and files defended Sushma Swaraj shows that entire establishment sympathetic to Lalit Modi. Now the BJP government and the Prime Minister himself can not run away from the fact they are also treating the corruption charges in the same as the previous UPA govt. did. Though UPA already paid its price of propriety in the last Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi must realize that yardstick of law is the same for Congress and BJP. So his taking moral high ground on the issue of corruption would fall flat if he failed to seek resignation of his External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and BJP CM of Rajasthan any more. The resignation demand of Sushma Swaraj and Raje is getting shriller and shriller. PM should also realize that his moralistic speeches are not meant for only others but also for himself. External Affairs Minister Sushma and Raj CM Vashundhra must listen to their conscience to resign to save Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. from further embarrassment.

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