Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spurt in attack on scribes

The increasing murderous attack on scribes in different states of the country is a serious cause of concern. In recent days, the killing of two scribes-one in Uttar Pradesh and the other in Madhya Pradesh- have unsettled the common people. The way one social media journalist in UP was allegedly beaten first and then burnt to death by the police at the behest of a minister in UP is most shocking and an attempt to throttle the voice of the people. Though UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has assured the slain journalist's family members of giving Rs. 30 lakh and govt. job to the two of his sons and bringing all the accomplices to book, it means that the govt. thinks that the cost of a life is this much. No family member of any deceased would accept the govt. assistance heartily for the loss of life of its head and bread earner. The second incident of killing the journalist allegedly by mining and sand mafia is of MP. The freelance journalist was burnt alive because he had brought the illegal business and underhand dealing of mining and sand mafias to bright. The nexus of politician, mafia and the police is behind every murder wherever takes place in country. Because what they wanted to keep in concealment, the journalists bring it in full public view and force the govt. to act. According to a report, there have been more than 150 killing of media persons in the last two years. If this report is even true partially, it indicates of a deep nexus of politician-mafia-criminal- police, which has taken strong root in our society. Journalists are the voices of the people and they also serve the society as its watch dogs. They bring any sort of injustice done by any of govt. agencies to light. Journalists are considered to be the protectors of the common people’s rights in society. Wherever the govt. infringes on the right of the people, it is only the journalists who raise the voice against it. Though Narendra Modi -le NDA government talk tall on every issue, it must look into the increasing attack on scribes' lives. It is almost fifteen days since the news of the killing of the journalist appeared in news papers and the family members of the deceased journalist leveled allegation against CM Akhilesh Yadav's minister and local police, no action has been taken yet. Minister is at large without any fear of law. As far as the criminality and acts of murder of mining and sand mafia in Madhya Pradesh is concerned, there has been a flourishing business. The murder of anyone whether it is the common people, journalists , honest state govt. officials or who ever put hurdles in mining mafias' illegal business and acts, they are killed and the state govt. has always act as mute spectator. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must take the issue of increasing attack on scribes all over the country and direct the officials concerned in different states to take security measures to ensure the protection of their lives.

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