Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wake-up call for AAP

Though it will be too early to pass judgement on the performance of one month old government of Aam Admi Party in Delhi, the survey conducted by various TV news channels to get Delhiites reaction to the achievement of AAP government is neither encouraging nor discouraging. But one thing is certain that almost all surveys show that AAP popularity is no longer rising. Rather, AAP’s popularity is declining. The functioning of the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also not been liked by the majority of the people. As Delhi CM has failed to deliver on the promises for which he had set time frame while campaigning during assembly elections and said that he would fulfill if elected to power. His promises on electricity and water are yet to be translated on the ground. CM Kejriwal's protest in defiance of 144 by sitting on dharna to defend his law minister Somnath Bharti has also not gone down well with Delhiites. Within a month of his taking over the power in Delhi, one of his MLAs Vinod Kumar Binny rebelled against him and has made serious allegations against his way of functioning, which has damaged his reputation in a very short time. Kejriwal must take serious notice of the lapses on his part. Otherwise, he will be treated like all other political leaders belonging to different political parties, who never get tired of making big promises that remain unfulfilled. Delhiites hold him in highest esteem among all political leaders. People have very high expectation from the Arvind Kejriwal government and they have voted AAP only because they had become vexed with the functining of the established political parties. In the given situation if CM Arvind Kejriwal takes every step with an aim of espousing his political interest in view of the coming Lok Sabha election instead of concentrating on fulfilling the promises he made to the people within the given time frame, it will be his great political folly and he will prove to be a political balloon which is bound to burst very soon. Undoubtedly, AAP Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal attracted Delhiites and the people from different corners of the nation by his simplicity, honesty and sincerity to solve the problems. His behaviour and connectivity with the general people kept him apart from the rest of politicians. Delhiites still support him and he must be given enough time to prove himself that how his way of governance is completely different from all others. For coming up to the expectations of Delhiites, AAP government will have to act sincerely to deliver in time and refrain from politicking to go national in a big way. AAP government will have to realize that they have not impressed so far very much and if they failed to make impression in Delhi, its future outside it will be in oblivion. So, it is time for AAP government to act sincerely to make a lasting impression on Delhiites and send the message outside that there is a political party called Aam Admi Party which can provide alternative in a better way to the established political parties like Congress and BJP.

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