Tuesday, January 21, 2014

AAP creates chaos on Delhi streets

The chaotic and anarchic situation prevailing on the streets of Delhi is due to the sit-in programme at Rail Bhavan of Aam Admi Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for the suspension of five Delhi police officers of junior rank. Delhi CM started his sit-in programme from Monday morning, as he was not allowed to sit-in on Dharna before the office of the Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde for his demand as the Delhi police is under the Home Ministry. As Delhi is a city state, Delhi police is under control of the government of India. Government of Delhi has no control over police as it is yet get full statehood. Arvind Kejriwal and his entire Cabinet sat on Dharna at Rail Bhavan in Lutyen’s zone where the preparations for celebration of our Republic Day on January 26 are in full swing. From the security point of view this zone becomes extra-sensitive on or around Republic Day. Republic Day is our biggest national celebration on which we salute our brave army personnel and display their valour on the day. Causing disruption in the preparation for celebration of Republic Day is nothing but the insult to the nation. It is neither Congress nor BJP’s and Aam Admi party function. It is the function of the entire nation. Judicial probe has already been instituted to go into the police action as complained by AAP government in defence of its law minister Somnath Bharti. After the judicial enquiry report is submitted to the Lt. Governor, appropriate action would be taken. In the given situation haste shown by Delhi Chief Minister Advind Kejriwal for Dharna and protests smacks of his political motive in view of the approaching Lok Sabha elections. It is not only the Republic Day time but the area where Delhi Chief Minister and his entire Cabinet have sat on Dharna for the suspension of five police personnel is full of government offices. Some of the Metro stations have also been shut down and several regular routes have been diverted. The shutting down of Metro stations and traffic jams because of Kejriwal’s Dharna on the street is causing a great convenience for the Aam Admi who have voted him to power. The reason behind sitting on Dharna by Kejriwal and his Cabinet is to defend their law minister Somnath Bharti who had verbal duel with police officer in public when his order to conduct raid and arrest alleged sex racket and drug traffickers being run by some African women was refused to be carried out by Delhi police personnel on legal ground. Aam Admi loud mouthed law minister Somnath Bharti demanded the immediate suspension of the five police personnel and in his support his CM and entire Cabinet have sat on Dharna. It may be a political ploy to sit on Dharna for the demand of suspension of five police personnel by Kejriwal and his Cabinet and making a call on his partymen to come in lakhs to show the entire nation in view of the coming Lok Sabha elections that how closely they are connected with the concerns and grievances of the Aam Admi. Kejriwal being an IITian and former Income Tax officer of high rank knows it well that generally the Aam Admi have the grievances against Jal Board, Electicity Department and police personnel. So, he is trying to exploit the public anger for his political benefit. He also knows well that it is beyond his ability and capability to address to the grievances of the public against them. That is why he has chosen the path of agitation even after coming to power and created a chaotic and anarchic situation in the national capital Delhi. The political motive behind his Dharna ploy is to exploit the people’s grievances in his party Aam Admi’s favour in the coming Lok Sabha elections. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s anarchist and agitationist political action amply reflects that the governance is beyond his capacity. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal must also understand that the people of India are very wise and they can not be misled time and again. It is well known to Kejriwal that Delhi police is under Government of India. And police are governed and controlled by rules and regulations.

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