Saturday, January 25, 2014

Celebrate Republic Day with national fervour and gusto

26th of January is very auspicious day for the nation. Nation celebrates Republic Day on January 26 every year to commemorate the date and moment when the Constitution of India came into effect. The Constitution of India came into effect on January 26, 1950 and the nation became Republic. The Constitution of India embodies the rule book how to govern and run the country. Republic Day is the biggest festival of the nation. It symbolizes the unique character of the nation. The unity in diversity of the nation is displayed. On this glorious day of Republic, Nation displays its rich culture and tradition. It shows its culture in different colours from all parts of the nation. Republic Day is the day of commitment to the nation. With the Constitution coming into effect on this day, the people got sovereignty and felt proud of rich culture and tradition of the nation. Republic Day gives us strength and infuses in us a sense of service to the nation. To mark Republic Day in a memorable and significant way, every year in New Delhi, capital of India, a grand parade is held that starts from the Raisina Hill in the neighborhood of the majestic Rashtrapati Bhawan and passes along the Rajpath thus ending at India Gate. On this glorious day every year, our military might is displayed through rehearsals that also send the message out that India is well prepared to give befitting reply to its enemy if ever it was compelled to do. All the three wings of our army display their prowess and combative skills in air, at sea and on land in a so clear ways that fill our country men with pride and enemies with fear and horror. Apart from the display of valour by Indian army, the nation assesses its achievements in every field and takes pledge to strengthen more and more to emerge as the super power of the world. Glimpses from all the 28 states and seven Union Territories are taken out on this day before the assembled guests, foreign dignitaries, President, Prime Minister and the people who watch the celebration on the occasion at Rajpath in New Delhi. It is extremely attractive. Different states take out their glimpses in different colours. Republic Day also shows how the people of different castes, creed, communities and religion live in harmony in the country. Republic Day is also important for us to make appraisal of the achievements the nation has recorded since Independence. Foreign dignaries participates in the function to watch our rich culture and display of military prowess and development in different sectors. Republic Day is primarily celebrated to strengthen the sense of dedication, loyalty, devotion and service to the nation. Every year on Republic Day a state guest from foreign country is invited to participate in the celebration of the day at Rajpath.The President unfolds the National flag as soon as the National Anthem is played and also addresses the nation with Republic Day speech. Furthermore, the Republic Day parade also includes lively displays and exhibits India’s rich and colourful culture and also brings the entire nation together. The parade concludes with the fly-past by Indian Air Force jets. The President, Prime Minister and other high rank officials of India on this occasion make their presence at Rajpath to celebrate the occasion.

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