Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rahul’s belated realization

Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi has started realizing the blunders committed by his government at the Centre when the popularity graph of his party has taken a nosedive. The Congress Party failed to realize that it is the Aam Admi, who had catapulted it into power in 2004 and 2009 in a row. Party and government leaders failed to read the writing on the wall at the appropriate time when remedial measures could be taken. Now the time is not on the side of Congress party. It has committed blunders. So, it has to pay for it. Aam Admi Party Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is going to be the greatest challenge for Congress party. Kejwal’s Aam Admi party has taught both the major parties Congress and BJP how a commoner could achieve pinnacle of glory in politics by connecting with the common people. The realization appears to have dawned on Congress party after it suffered a shocking defeat in the just concluded state assembly elections in MP, Chattishgarh, Rajashthan and Delhi that the Aam Admi can not be ignored if it were to be in reckoning for power in Lok Sabha elections. Congress party Vice President and its future hope Rahul Gandhi appears to be learning lesson from the one and half year old Aam Admi Party, which has thrown his party out of power in Delhi only on the strength of connecting itself with Aam Admi and infusing among the common Delhiites a sense that they are part and parcel of the government. This is the importance of Aam Admi in democracy. On the one hand Aam Admi were confronting with the problems of rising inflation and corruption day by day and the Congress-led UPA government was busy only with making false promises to bring down price and check corruption at frequent intervals on the other. The Congress-led UPA government, which had come to power on the basis of support from the Aam Admi, has failed miserably to identify with them. The defeat of the Congress party in just concluded assembly elections is the reflection of the anger of Aam Admi with the government. The chief characteristic of the Congress-led UPA government under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been the skyrocketing price of essential commodities, food grains, green vegetables, milk and all other edible items and rampant corruption at all levels. The poor have become poorer and the rich have become richer. The Aam Admi have been neglected in the regime of UPA all these 10 years. Had the Congress-led UPA been sensible, it must have acted seriously to bring down price and rein in corruption. It is good that Rahul Gandhi is following Aam Admi. He has pitched for giving Lok Sabha tickets to ordinary workers and those having a clean image as he unveiled a new process that will see early declaration of Congress nominees. In an unprecedented step, the Congress Vice-President convened a meeting of newly appointed chairpersons of screening committees for all states and UTs to set in motion the process that would reflect the voice of the people.

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