Saturday, January 18, 2014

Invigorating speech for Cong workers

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the AICC session reflected everything that could infuse fighting spirit and courage in Congress leaders and workers to fight Lok Sabha elections and win them. His exhortation to the party leaders and workers was superb. He clearly appeared to lead the party from the front. His speech has certainly galvanized the party workers, who were demoralized, depressed and helpless after party’s humiliating defeat in the just concluded assembly elections. Rahul’s speech at this AICC session was much more improved, positive and filled with preparedness to face any challenge to the Congress party in the coming Lok Sabha elections than his previous speeches. He appeared at the AICC session as a complete warrior to lead Congress workers and leaders to win Lok Sabha elections and bring back the party to power for the third consecutive time. His name may not have been announced as prime ministerial candidate for tactical reason but it is well understood that if the party won majority in elections, he will certainly be elected the leader of parliamentary party and thereby the Prime Minister. Congress leaders, workers, sympathizers and well-wishers know it well. It is also the tradition of the Congress Party not to announce Prime Ministerial candidate before the Lok Sabha elections. So, he has been made head of party poll campaign. Though there have been criticisms of the Congress party in several quarters on this issue because of the party’s fear of defeat in Lok Sabha elections by BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress party has treaded its beaten path and only stopped short of Rahul as PM candidate. Rahul’s body language, tone and tenure every thing clearly reflected that he was prepared to take opposition head on to win the Lok Sabha elections. His address at the AICC session in Delhi has ignited the Congress leaders and workers nationwide. The way Rahul Gandhi has made demand to raise the quota of LPG Cylinders from 9 to 12 on Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in public amply reflects that he has read the writing on the wall. Cutting the number of LPG Cylinders down to 9 and increasing inflation, including food, vegetables, milk, eggs, fish and every edible item have been the main causes of the humiliating defeat of the Congress Party in the just concluded assembly elections. Rahul’s impact was seen the moment he made demand for 12 Cylinders that Oil and Natural Gas Minister promptly said that a proposal to this effect would be put before the consideration of the Cabinet. If Congress Party Vice President had exerted his influence on the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government to rein in inflation and bring down the price of all essential commodities immediately, the Congress party would have certainly emerged victorious. There is no grievance against the Congress party among the people except its government’s utter failure in checking price rise and corruption. So, Rahul Gandhi needs to address the main concern of the common people, that is price rise, without any loss time. Rahul's speech at the AICC Session has infused lives among the Congress leaders and workers to fight Lok Sabha elections with an aim to win them.

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