Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kejriwal ‘s way of defending corruption

The politician, who came to power on the anti-corruption plank, is now defending the corrupt. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal projected himself among Delhiites as number one crusader against corruption in the country during his days of agitation before coming to power. The day he came to power, he changed his tack. He is no longer fighting against corruption. He appeared to be upset the moment he got the news that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raided his Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar's office, which he terms as his office, for his involvement in corruption that occurred between 2007 and 20013. CBI raid had nothing to do with CM Kejriwal. It is also open that his Principal Secretary Kumar was very close to him. CM tried to project the CBI raid as an attempt of the Modi govt to harass him, which it could not do politically. Kejriwal alleged that CBI raided his office to collect the files related to DDCA corruption in which Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is allegedly involved. The case of corruption against Rajendra Kumar was filed by former member secretary of Delhi Dialogue Ashis Joshi with CBI. The swiftness with which the CBI pursued this case despite the acute shortage of manpower shows its ulterior motive at the behest of its master. Supreme Court termed the CBI as a caged parrot some years back during the previous regime. It is also a fact that no govt. at the Centre ever allowed the CBI to act independently. CBI has been flagrantly misused by both Congress and non-Congress government. Govt. always used it to bring its political opponents on line. So, Kejriwal's allegation that CBI scanned the files to find out those related to DDCA is not out of place. It is also a grave charge against the Finance Minister. And instead of terming Kejriwal's talk as rubbish, Jaitely must also come clean on it. As far as the defence of Rajendra Kumar by Kejriwal is concerned in the case of corruption, it places him in very poor light. Though there is no charge of corruption against CM Kejriwal on personal level, his closeness with his Prinicipal Secretary also makes his intention suspect. Was the Kejriwal unaware of the antecedent of the IAS officer whom he appointed as his Principal Secretary? When his Principal Secretary was not above board, how could it be possible that he would be able to give clean govt. to Delhiites? As far as theatrics is concerned, Delhi CM is number one. He wants to take political mileage out of it. Since he came to power, his govt. chooses the path of confrontation with the BJP govt. at the Centre. Delhi appears to have come to a standstill. It has not moved an inch from the place where former CM Sheila Dixit left it due to the Kejriwal’s involvement in controversy 24/7. As far as corruption is concerned, there must not be concession to anyone on this front. There are 3 more complaints against kumar which are being probed. The CBI has claimed it has seized about Rs. 13 lakh cash in raids, including Rs. 3 lakh in foreign currency from his home. Rs.10 lakh has been recovered from co-accused GK Nanda. This is a case pertaining corruption but the irony is that the Delhi government which was voted to power to fight corruption, is now terming CBI action against corruption, as political vendetta.

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