Monday, January 4, 2016

Challenge to peace

Talk and terror can not go together. But talk is inevitable to deal with terror. The attack on Pathankot air base by JeM militants after a week of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's surprise landing in Lahore to wish his Pak counterpart Nawaz Sharif on his birthday as overture of friendship has shocked India. The number of casualties on Indian side in Pathankot gun battle between Pak-sent militants and Indian security guards is yet to be finally known. It is not the first time that the Pak-based militants attacked Indian establishments before the beginning of a peace process. The Pathankot air base attack was also reportedly expected. But Indian security establishments failed to thwart it. The kidnapping of a high Punjab police official 24 hours before the attack on air base by the JeM militants in military uniform and their telephonic talks, which were intercepted by Indian intelligence agency, with handlers sitting in Pakistan and family were clear indications of what was going to take place. But Indian security and intelligence agencies failed to properly analyze the incident. Despite the alert all around Pathankot, it is very baffling how the extremists infiltrate from across the border and sneaked into the airbase compound, which houses Mig-21, MI-25, 35 and other several warplanes. Their target was to destroy all these war planes, which have capacity to attack deep in Pakistan. The telephonic conversation between the handlers and militants clearly reflected this. It was the valour, bravery, courage, guts and commitment to the nation by all those Indian air force personnel and officers that the militants failed in carrying out their nefarious design on India. We salute all Air Force personnel who sacrificed their lives for the nation. The time has come for India to first make its own preparedness full proof to thwart any attempt of Pak-based militants to attack it. Though it is well known that Pak army, its notorious Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) are opposed to any peace talk with India, our intelligence and security agencies need to be a little more tightened to ensure that no terror attack could be carried against us. The Pathankot air base attack also clearly shows that either the democratically elected Nawaz Sharif is helpless before Army or he himself is not interested in carrying forward any peace process with India. It is also well known that the elected government of Pakistan can not dare defy its Army's dictate as it has not been in favour of peace talks with India since its inception. Pak Army and ISI always promoted, aided and abetted militants to create mayhem in India with full knowledge of the elected govt. So, India should not stop talking with Pakistan but it must make clear to Pak govt. that if it wants peace and friendship with India, it has to act stringently against the militants operating from its soil against us.

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