Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chennai requires immediate help

The entire nation should come forward to help Chennai in this hour of tragedy. Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu have been experiencing the heaviest rain ever. The rain is so vicious that the life has been thrown out of gear. And all activities have come to a standstill. Life has been paralyzed in rain affected Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Near about 300 lives has been lost. There sees only water and water in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Only life has not been lost but there has also been a great loss of property due to the heavy and incessant rain. Road, rail and air traffic have been badly affected. The airport has been closed till Sunday. Passengers are stranded at railway stations and airport. Roads and rail tracks have also been damaged on a large scale. The state of Tamil Nadu deserves help from all quarters in this hour of tragedy. It is difficult to make estimate of the loss of property due to disastrous rains and floods in Tamil at this point of time but it is expected to be burgeoning. There are several contributory factors behind this monstrous rain. As this disastrous rain in Chennai have broken the record of 100 years, it also sends warning to governments all over the world that if they continued to tempering with nature, went all out for industrialization and failed to learn any lesson from this tragedy, the more is in store for the human beings. Ill-conceived town planning, choked drains, continued deforestation for setting up of industry for the economic development by the successive government and paying no attention towards maintaining an ecological balance have caused this type of disastrous rains. Most of the cities are ill-planned. There has not been made the way out for the logged water, which has created a great problem for the people of Chennai. All ponds have filled in the city to build buildings on them. UN Climate Change Summit is underway in Paris, and the rains that have lashed Chennai must have reverberated there. The world leaders assembled in Paris are required to pay their attention towards Chennai rains and should think how the environment could be kept clean so that the human beings could live lives to the full healthily. Untimely and frequent rains, droughts, floods, cyclone etc in different parts of India as well as world give clear signal that we are not doing justice to the nature. Untimely heavy rains and drought reflect that if the emission of carbon was not cut without any loss of time, the mother earth will no longer be livable. Central govt. has pumped all sorts of help into Chennai to bring out the people there out of tragedy. A message should also go out that the entire nation is behind Tamil Nadu in this hour of tragedy. Centre provides all sorts of relief materials and undertakes rescue operations. NDRF team and Army jawans are also undertaking a massive relief and rescue operations. The entire city of Chennai and its adjoining places are in deep water. Entire city looks like a sea. There is water everywhere. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instructed his entire Cabinet to supervise relief and rescue operations in Chennai. The Centre is constantly keeping a close watch on the situation in rain-battered parts of Tamil Nadu with a series of review meetings. PM Modi promptly held a meeting with senior Union ministers to take stock of the flood situation in the state.

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