Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Set Agenda before talks

The issue of initiating any talk at any level between India and Pakistan can not be taken casually. Though there is very little possibility of the outcome from the talk with Pakistan, it is also the requirement of the situation not to switch it off permanently. The impromptu meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Paris on the sidelines of Climate Summit shows some positive signs that both have realized that being neighbouring countries, we cannot shut the door of talks for ever. Though Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that his talks with PM Modi have been good, no reaction has been made from Indian side that nation could know. Ruling BJP has said that it was a chance and courtesy meeting, and no a formality should be should be attached to this. But the posture of sitting very close to each other and talking with all seriousness clearly reflects that one was forwarding another view point properly. The issue may be of Climate Summit or of the prevailing relation between the two neighbours or how to break the deadlock to start talk process, but one thing is clear both leaders are inclined to initiate dialogue process. Whatever transpired between the PMs of two neighbouring countries, Indian govt. too should have made it public as the issue is related to national interest. It may a courtesy meeting and that must be maintained. But what had happened in New York during the UN General Assembly Summit when the two PMs Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif were staying in the same hotel and despite that what to talk of any meeting on the sidelines, both even refrained from saying Hi, Hello or beckoning to each other. What necessitated in two months that both realized to talk even for a very short period of two minutes on the sidelines of Paris Climate Summit that nation wants to know. Narendra Modi govt. is required to tell the nation why PM talked to his Pakistani counterpart Sharif when there has been no change on the ground. Has the ceasefire violation come down? Has Pakistan taken action against Hafiz Sayeed, Dawood and other terror groups involved in creating mayhem in India? The answer is,’ no’. India demands and sends one dossier after another dossier to Pakistan to handover Hafiz Sayeed, the mastermind of Mumbai attack, most wanted terrorist Dawood, Zakir-ur-Lakhvi and others so that they could be brought to justice for their inhuman acts. Neither infiltration of terrorists from across the border, the killings of Indian Army officers and Jawans in terror violence nor frequent cross border violations by Pakistan have stopped. In the given situation, India must set its agenda of talks first. It is not doll's play that whenever mood permitted both countries talked and whenever it did not permit, broke down all talking relations. The relations between the two countries can not be governed by whims and fancies. They must be based on the ground reality. After the Mumbai attacks, India stopped talking with Pakistan. India took a stand that until and unless Pakistan acted against the terror outfits operating from its soil against India and handing over Hafiz Sayeed, Dawaood and other wanted terrorists to it, it would not talk. India had already made it clear terror and talk can not go together. The govt. of India of the day must take clear stand on policy with Pakistan and ensure that there is no confusion whatsoever on its part at least in regard to its hostile neighbor Pakistan.

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