Saturday, March 29, 2014

BJP’s impatience for power

To get power by hook or by crook has been the ultimate aim of every political party. No matter how elections are won, they have to be won at all costs. The main opposition party BJP in whose favour 10 years of anti-incumbency factor of the UPA government is going in this general election is in upbeat mood. It inducts every leader of consequence without checking his or her background to win elections. A few days back, Hindu Sena Chief Pramod Muttalik was inducted in the BJP by its Karnataka unit without taking national leadership into confidence. It was done only to boost votes for the BJP to win elections. But when nationwide hue and cry over induction of controversial leader raised against whom there was a charge of vandalizing the pub and attacking the women, the central leadership swung into action and annuled his membership of the party. This incident shows that the BJP wants to win elections even at the cost of compromising with the ideology. The same incident occurred on Friday when the expelled controversial JD (U) leader Sabir Ali was inducted into the party at the recommendation of the Bihar unit. Just after Sabir Ali’s induction, the voice of opposition to his entry raised from within the party. It was raised by none other than one of the most senior leaders and minority face of the party Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. He called Sabir Ali the friend of dreaded IM terrorist Bhatkal, and also made critical comment on the party leadership in his tweet that after Sabir Ali, the underworld don and India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim could also join the BJP. It is not only Naqvi but several other senior BJP leaders and party’s doting parent Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) have already expressed displeasure over Sabir Ali’s induction into the party. This amply reflects that there is deep anguish and disquiet among the senior BJP leaders over the entry of controversial expelled JD(U) leader in the party. It is correct that Sabir Ali is a Muslim leader and his induction into the party would atract Muslim minority towards it in the election time. But when his personality is controversial and his entry into the party would give the message among the public that when the question of votes arises, BJP is no different from the Congress party and it has also no qualm in compromising even with its core ideology. Fight against terrorism has been the main party plank on which it seeks vote in elections. But when BJP leaders themselves question the credentials of the new entrant on the issue of terrorism, how would the general people believe its commitment to fight against terrorism. Apart from the controversial political background, Sabir Ali never tired of attacking BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi when he was in JD(U). He was the most vocal voice in JD(U) against Narendra Modi. BJP must have thought twice before inducting Sabir Ali into the party. Its blindness to reason in pursuit of winning elections will ultimately alienate lakhs of committed cadres and workers.

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