Thursday, April 3, 2014

AAP’s Delhi bastion shaking

Delhi is the bastion of Aam Admi Party. It has born here and risen to eminence in the shortest possible time. Within a year of its birth, AAP came to power by winning 28 assembly seats in Delhi elections last year. It has fought both the major political parties-Congress and BJP- in Delhi. It has labeled both of them as corrupt and inefficient to provide good government to Delhiites. It appealed the people in Delhi most. Delhiites felt that they got alternative to the mainstream political parties. That is why they supported AAP in assembly elections. With spectacular victory in Delhi assembly elections, AAP formed government and its convener Arvind Kejriwal became the Chief Minister. AAP promptly delivered its promises made to the Delhiites immediately after forming government. It reduced electricity rate by half and provided free supply of water up to 700 litres per day. As the Arvind Kejriwal government was dependent on the outside support of the Congress Party, CM failed to get along with coalition partner and ultimately resigned in only 49 days on his own. It was not his inability but inexperience and over ambition to emerge on the nation political scene to make claim for the post of prime minister after Lok Sabha elections that Arvind Kejriwal resigned. But 49 days of Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi left at least one thing in the mind of Delhiites that it was an honest government and it had noble intention to serve them with honesty and sincerity. Arvind Kejriwal’s running away from the government is because of his inexperience and lack ability to cope with political and administrative challenges. This tendency may have shaken the faith of Delhiites in his commitment, and that is bound to reflect in the result of Lok Sabha elections for all the seven seats. Opinion polls undertaken by different media agencies also point clearly that AAP is not going to bag all the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi because of the drifting of its supporters towards Congress and BJP. As BJP had emerged as the largest party in assembly elections, it would bag up to five Lok Sabha seats as predicted by an opinion poll. Congress is also improving its position and trying hard to retrieve its pre-eminent position in Delhi. And it may get 1 and AAP’s position slid from its unenviable position in Delhi assembly elections. The graph of BJP is bound to go up because of the 10 years of anti-incumbency factor of the Congress-led UPA government going in its favour. As Congress-led UPA government has completely failed to rein in corruption and price rise, the ire of the people against it is just natural. Whatever may be the result of Delhi assembly elections, one thing is certain that Delhiites are convinced that it is only AAP which can not compromise with corruption. They also feel that it is only AAP which can provide corruption free government and have intent to act against price rise to provide relief to the poor Delhiites.

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