Saturday, March 1, 2014

Evolve self-correcting mechanism

In the recent days, lots of paid news have come to light. There is an allegation that some media organizations are publishing paid news to boost their finance. This is very bad. Media has a great role and responsibility in building a nation. It is the eyes and ears of the people. Neutrality must be maintained by all media houses at all costs. Media person and organization must not be pro or anti-government. They must always be pro-people. They must publish news articles in an impartial ways. They should always be unbiased towards any issue confronting the society. Every news article must be weighed and be given prominence according to its informative, social and national value. Press is the watch dog of society. If it resorts to paid news for mopping up its finance, what will happen to society? It makes opinion against and in favour of any issue. So, its impartiality must be kept intact. Paid news is meant to serve the interest of an individual or organization. So, any encouragement to paid news by some publications will jeopardize their credibility. To check publishing of paid news, self correcting mechanism is the best way. First of all, media has the responsibility to give the nation a direction how to deal with the burning issues like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and uneven development in society. Press is the fourth estate so it can also not connive with its responsibility of nation building. It is not a shop of consumer goods always eyeing on profit by packaging them attractively. Media must not be marketised and it should not operate at the direction of Corporate. Media is the voice of the voiceless. So, it must bring out issues of poverty and underdevelopment in society before the government of the day and hold debate and discussion on them to find out their solutions in the best way. Press must bring the news as it is before the people but must not put with the intention of serving the interest of a particular person or organization. In the age of breaking news at every minute, the mediamen are in so made haste to break it before the people so to be ahead of all other media organizations, they do not care to know about its authencity. To produce a news story in a sensational way is also not good. This type of news create panic and fear among the people. President Pranab Mukherjee has rightly voiced his concern over the practice of paid news by some publications to mop up revenue.

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