Friday, March 21, 2014

Face saver for Advani

The way BJP is behaving with its patriarch is wrong and sending the clear message that all is not well within the party. Everything may be right in fight for power, but not in terms of behaviour with the seniormost leader. It is nothing but the power struggle in the open. Infighting for getting power within Bhartiya Janta Party among senior leaders is not new. Advani should know that his marginalisation in the BJP began with party's fountainhead RSS taking side with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Since the appointment of Narendra Modi as Election Committee Chairman against the wishes of Party’s patriarch Lal Krishna Advani, it became open that a section of senior leaders is against Modi’s emergence for top post. Advani in a fit of anger resigned from all party posts and wrote a letter to Party president Rajnath Singh expressing his displeasure over ongoing activities in it and its deviation from its path. Anyhow Advani was mollified for the time being and he withdrew his resignation. After that, Narendra Modi was made PM candidate in 2014 Lok Sabha elections and this decision had full backing of BJP’s doting parent Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh( RSS). Despite the fact that BJP cannot move even an inch without the approval of RSS, Advani failed to realize that Modi’s emergence for the top post of prime ministership of the nation if ever the party won Lok Sabha elections has RSS blessing. Advani has also failed to realize that generational shift is taking place in the party very fast and it has come to know that it cannot win power under his leadership. He is also no longer the blue-eyed boy of RSS. It is also a fact that Advani has been nursing the ambition of prime ministership. Undoubtedly, he is not only the tallest leader of the BJP after the retirement of former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee but also of the nation. So the BJP must pay utmost respect to him. Otherwise, a message will go out in the public that when the party does not respect to its senior most leader, what it will do with the nation. Advani also understands that 10 years of anti-incumbency of the ruling Congress will go in favour of the main opposition BJP. It is also a fact that BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi has galvanized the public through his vigorous campaigning all over the nation against corruption and price rise during 10 years of UPA rule. His encouraging speech has made the party workers all over the nation upbeat. Both the BJP leadership and the RSS must realize the displeasure of the party’s patriarch off and on does not augur well for the party despite Modi’s wave as claimed by it in this Lok Sabha election. BJP’s patriarch has been representing Gandhinagar seat in the Lok Sabha since 91. He has won five times from Gandhinagar since 1991. This time amidst apprehension of Modimen going against him there to damage his election prospect, Advani showed reluctance to stand from there and expressed his desire to fight from Bhopal Lok Sabha seat in MP. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is considered to be his loyalist, and in the present scenario of the party MP CM is more reliable than Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for Advani. But as RSS is not on the side of Advani any longer, he had to bow to party’s wishes to fight from Gandhinagar seat. Though RSS succeeds so far in dousing the fire in BJP, horrible fire is yet to erupt in the party over the issue of prime ministership if ever it wins Lok Sabha elections.

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