Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rift must be sorted out

The rift between Anna Hazare and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal, which has arisen over the issue of funds raised during Anna agitation against corruption, must be sorted out immediately.The difference between social activist Hazare and AAP boss Kejriwal is not new. The rift started between the two since Arvind Kejriwal decided to form a political party named Aam Aadmi Party.This exchange of letters between the two about the accounts of funds raised during Anna agitation has made everything open. From the letter of Anna Hazare to Arvind Kejriwal, anyone can draw inferences that the former is not satisfied with the accounts of money collected in Anna’s name during his anti-graft agitation. Arvind Kejriwal has explained his side very clearly and satisfactorily. He says that Anna Hazare whome he considers his Guru has hurt him by questioning his honesty. Arvind also says that the money collected during Anna agitation was accounted and audited well by a special team sent by Anna hazare to his satisfaction. He says that no money has been diverted or spent on the election campaigns of AAP in Delhi assembly elections. But he needs to satisfy Anna Hazare personally by making his accounts crystal clear before the public. The money collected by issuing SIM card in the name of Anna Hazare was not in his knowledge. So, every thing appears suspicious. This has to be cleared by Arvind Kejriwal without any loss of time as he is an important stake holder in Delhi elections. Kejriwal along with all other AAP leaders allege that the Congress and the BJP leaders are trying their best to create rift between him and Anna Hazare. That is why they are misleading him. Their allegation is strengthened by the unsavory act of throwing black ink at Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP leaders when they were holding press conference at Constitution Club in Delhi. The man who threw black ink and raised slogan like Anna Hazare Zindabad claimed to be a BJP worker of Ahmednagar in Maharshtra, though the BJP has rejected his claim. Whoever he may be, disrupting press conference of a political party is wrong and anti-democracy. It must be condemned by all poitical parties. The unsavoury political incident like this must be discouraged in democracy. It is also a reality that if the increasing popularity of AAP among Delhiites in a very short span of time is anything to go by, it is certain that in Delhi elections it has become a great challenge to both the Congress and the BJP. It strikes at the roots of both the parties and forces them to go on back foot. Both Congress and BJP are badly perturbed over AAP’s entry as a third formidable force in Delhi elections. AAP’s main election plank is anti-corruption on which both the major political parties are on weak wickets. As far as the rift over the accounts of money collected during Anna agitation between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal is concerned, it is urgently required on the part of Arvind Kejriwal to make everything open in public to come clean to uphold his unquestioned public image.

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