Saturday, November 23, 2013

APP’s credibility shattered

The sting operation carried against the five Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) prominent leaders has exposed everything before the public. The video of sting operation, which was played out on every news channel clearly shows that the AAP leaders are no different from other political leaders against whom they never get tired of making caustic remarks in public. AAP boss Arvind Kejriwal who always talked big things and claimed honesty in public life is its chief characteristics, now behaves nothing different from other political parties when his own leaders were shown allegedly taking money in hard cash from the undercover reporter in sting operation. He has defended in same when faced with corruption as the other political party leaders do. Instead of taking action against the AAP leaders who were shown on national TV screens taking money in the sting operation, the AAP party has defended them. It has asked Election Commission to go into the allegations against its leaders. It appears that the AAP considers itself as moral trend setter and whatever it says is right and all others are wrong. Undoubtedly, hardly in its one year of life, it has gained enormous popularity in Delhi and it had become a real challenge for the two measure political parties- Congress and BJP, but the sting operation against its leaders has exposed the hollowness about its claim of honesty and integrity in public life. In the first instance, Delhiites believed AAP leaders' claim about honesty and probity in public life amidst the all round moral and ethical degeneration in political class, but the sting operation against its leaders has damaged its credibility badly and now it stands nowhere in the coming assembly elections in Delhi. Delhiites have come to realize that AAP too is no different in anyway from the Congress and the BJP. AAP boss used to say that all political leaders across the party line are corrupt, criminal minded and betrayer except he and his leaders. If the AAP boss Arvind Kejriwal had taken immediate action against all those party leaders who were shown to be talking about illegal practice with undercover reporter in the sting operation, his image would have unscathed. With the disclosure of malpractices being carried out by the five AAP leaders in the sting operation, the way AAP boss showed adopting dilly-dallying approach about the immediate action makes him no different from others. AAP should have immediately taken against its leaders against whom the allegation of corruption has been made in the sting operation. Delhiites had expected that AAP leaders would behave in a much better way than the leaders of other political parties. But now when AAP's acts are no different in any way from others in the case of corruption, Delhiites’ hope has been dashed to the ground, and now it stands no chance in Delhi assembly elections.

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