Friday, November 22, 2013

Moral degeneration all pervasive

All types of charges have already been slapped against Legislative and Executive and the faith of the people in these two pillars of democracy have already been shaken only because moral degeneration is all pervasive in them. With the sexual assault charge by a law intern against the judge of the apex court and the same charge by a fellow woman colleague against a reputed Editor Tarun Tejpal of English news magazine Tehelka both representing the judiciary and the press respectively, the faith of the people in these two pillars has also been broken. They were so far above all suspicions. A junior woman journalist of Tehelka news magazine has levelled charges of sexual assault and rape against the founder editor Tarun Tejpal in Goa, which is mentioned in her email to Magazine’s Managing Editor. Tejpal always claimed to uncover whatever illegalities going on in society, politics and government. But the sexual assault charge against him is a matter of shock and shame for the people as well as media fraternity. Being an editor of repute, Tarun Tejpal was always expected to take moral high ground. After the charge of sexual assault, Tehelka Editor Tarun Tejpal became the judge himself and pronounced punishment to undergo penance and leave from the duty for six months because his conscience started biting him for his wrong doing. He mentioned all this in his email to managing Editor of the newsmagazine. The managing editor did not consider the letter to be sent to the police immediately she received from the aggrieved journalists in which charge of sexual assault and rape against the Editor Tarun Tejpal is enlisted. It means that the attempt was made by the management of the news magazine and Managing Editor Shoma Choudhary to hush up the case and treat it as magazine's official matter. This is lawfully wrong. Managing Editor should have sent the letter of the woman staffer to Goa police as the incident took place on November 7 and 8 in the lift of a starred hotel during literature festival organized by the Magazine. Tarun Tejpal is one of the most senior editors of the nation. He has been a known figure of media. If the media personality like Tarun Tejpal could fall so low and forget how to protect the dignity of woman in general and woman staffer of his news magazine in particular, what we can expect from other media men. His alleged behaviour with the woman staffer is not only a slur on his face but also on the entire media. Media has been known to speak against any kind of injustice in society. If media men behave in an idiotic manner, what others would emulate from it. Since the magazine’s editor has done wrong, he must be arrested immediately by the Goa police and there must not be any political interference in the case under question.

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