Thursday, November 21, 2013

Race for election promises

There is a race for making election promises to Delhiites between the ruling Congress party and the new entrant in frays the Aam Aadmi Party in the assembly polls. APP is opposed to the opposition BJP as well the ruling Congress in Delhi polls. The main opposition BJP is yet to release its manifesto and follow the suit. There is every possibility that BJP will also tread the same path of making big promises without saying how to keep them when it would come to power. Both Congress and AAP have released their populist manifestos and have made promises to Delhiites to bring the Moon for them. Congress party has been making promises after promises for the last 15 years. It would have hardly kept 25 percent of its promises in the last 15 years. As this is the first year of elections for AAP, it is new and inexperienced in the art of hoodwinking the Delhiites. AAP in its manifesto has made promises to reduce the electricity bill to half and give water free to a certain quantity if elected to power. But it has failed to explain how it would fulfill the promises. AAP has also promised to provide quality education in Delhi government schools. Congress has been in the business of making promises since it came to power for the first time in 1998. Undoubtedly, it has undertaken development work on the large scale and improved the services of electricity and transportation. It has also worked hard to bring down pollution level considerably low in the city. With the running of Metro Rail and low floor DTC buses in the city, the transport services have immensely improved. But the National capital Delhi still lacks several civic amenities to be called a world class city. Delhi still deserves more. As the city represents India in every aspect, its development is still uneven and suffers from regional bias. Take for example; Central and South Delhi are far more developed than the East, North-East and West Delhi. This unevenness in the development of the national capital Delhi must be done away with immediately. By making promise to reduce the electricity bill to half and provide free water supply to a certain quantity, AAP has touched the inner chord of Delhiites as they were hit hard by costlier electricity and water in the Congress regime of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. How realistic the promises made by AAP is yet to be experienced, but one thing is clear that the cost of electricity is dependent on the cost of coal. The costlier the power company purchases coal, dearer becomes the electricity. The voters of Delhi are the best and the most competent judges to deliver their verdict through ballot. They have the best mind to test the sincerity of political parties, no matter how big promises are made to them. Whatever may be about the fulfillment of promises made by AAP to Delhiites through its election manifestos, it deserves a chance to rule Delhi.

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